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District Goals for 2016-2017
Click on a goal below to view its action plan and the initiatives mapped out to help realize that goal this year.
You can also click here to view a presentation about our District Goals given in September 2016; and you can click here to view an update provided in January 2017.  Both of these presentations were offered at Board of Education meetings by Mrs. Loretta Radulic, Superintendent of Roxbury Public Schools.

Student Achievement/Professional Development    Facilities & Finance/
Safety & Security
  Culture & Climate / Community   Roxbury Reimagined

Goal 1:  Student Achievement/Professional Development
To enhance an active, inclusive, and multifaceted learning experience that maximizes each student’s potential and empowers individual achievement.

Action Plan for Goal 1:

Goal 2:  Facilities & Finance/Safety & Security
Create a safe, economically viable, friendly atmosphere for students, staff and community members equipped to inspire all learners to achieve their potential.

Action Plan for Goal 2:

Goal 3:  Culture & Climate / Community
Foster an inclusive and collaborative culture and climate with internal and external stakeholders through increased communication.

Action Plan for Goal 3:

Goal 4:  Roxbury Reimagined
Repurpose 2,500+square feet of space in the district to enhance opportunities for students to connect education with preparation for the workforce.  View the student video to learn more:
If you cannot view this video in your internet browser, click here.

Action Plan for Goal 4:

District Goals Presentation offered at the September 19, 2016 Board Meeting

District Goals Update offered at the January 23, 2017 Board Meeting