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Everything you need to know about NGSS/NJSLSS and more    Parent  
A letter from the NSTA to parents on the NGSS -Information from the National Science Teachers Association in support of NGSS
NSTA Position Statement -The official statement from the NSTA regarding NGSS 
Project 2061: Science for all Americans-A long-term research and development initiative  focused on improving science education , so that all American's can become literate, in science, mathematics, and technology.
The National Science Education Standards-This link will bring you directly to the NSES & why they are important
What should science look like for the middle schooler? - Great Schools, Your middle schooler in the science classroom
FAQ-About NGSS/NJSLS in Science-Common questions about NGSS/NJSLS asked by parents 
NGSS/NJSLSS-Five Innovations-Five Innovations that make NGSS/NJSLSS Unique 
Cool activities to do with your kids
Science Buddies -This website provides free online sources to a start a science dialogue with your child
Science Pioneers -Great tool for middle and high school students to discover and learn about career paths, look at colleges 
Techbridge Girls- A website dedicated to inspiring girls to discover a passion for technology, science, and engineering

NIH Biomedical -Developed with NIH support, these web simulation models expose high school students to scientific and biomedical engineering practices and careers 
Scientific American -Fun activities parents and kids can do together in a half-hour less using household items