Senior Option

  • Description of Program

    The wide variety of students’ interests, motivations, and responses to education makes it clear that no single approach to learning is best for all students. Learning takes place in a variety of ways, under a variety of circumstances; it is a highly individualized process. If we are to approach our goal of providing a learning experience that is responsive to the individual needs and unique learning styles of all students, we must make available a practical variety of education alternatives. Therefore, Senior Option is a non-grade-bearing, credit-bearing program designed to afford twelfth-grade students the opportunity to pursue areas of study which are beyond the scope of the school’s curricular offerings, and perhaps beyond the boundaries of the school building. Students interested in this program must realize that undertaking a senior option program requires a great deal of individual initiative and responsibility. Local school districts have been granted the flexibility to allow senior students the opportunity to pursue a variety of educational activities or programs that are linked to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards but go beyond a traditional school program. Some of these opportunities include interdisciplinary and theme-based programs, independent study, magnet programs, student exchange programs, internships, career exploration, distance learning, community service, or other structured learning experiences.

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