• My Educational Philosophy:

    As an eighth grade teacher, I am truly honored to contribute innovative ideas and interact with children on a daily basis. Each new day allows for me to provide focus and direction to the learning environment. This profession has brought forward great satisfaction and enjoyment as I teach the young minds of our future generation.

    I teach because I have a general love and dedication for children that will always endure. I maintain a teaching style that evokes a high level of reciprocal respect. I carry out consistency and high expectations for my students and help them achieve success. Also, I believe it is my duty to inspire and respect all children on a social and academic level. It is my goal to connect with children and leave an impact that offers the gift that so many educators gave to me.

    For me, every day is filled with countless inspirational moments in the classroom. These are the moments when great excitement can be found on a child’s face, it is the look of appreciation when a connection has been made, or the enthusiasm when a challenge has been met. For me, teaching is truly the gift that keeps on giving.