The Visual and Performing Arts Program

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    The Roxbury School District is proud to announce that it has been named as an inter-district school of choice for the visual and performing arts with educational opportunities for middle school and high school students. 

    As a school of choice, the district will open its nationally recognized visual and performing arts program to twenty-five students each year who demonstrate their expertise in the visual and performing arts through a portfolio or a performance assessment. At Roxbury High School, these inter-district choice students will be able to avail themselves of an extensive performing arts curriculum that includes three levels of symphonic band, four levels of choir, many levels of dance, an accomplished strings program, and electives such as music theory and Broadway musical theatre. In addition, there are five select group choirs, a variety of wind ensembles, and two marching bands that allow students to pursue interests beyond the school day in the co-curricular domain.

    There is an annual fall drama and a spring musical that brings together the best of the performing artists in a show that rivals a professional presentation. The aspiring visual artist will find an extensive curriculum as well, with a four year college prep track including AP Art Studio, and numerous electives that include four levels of ceramics, three of photography, graphic design and 
    Visual Arts Program at RHS
    yearbook production. Opportunities in the co-curricular area are available in the visual arts as well. Middle school students will find broad curricular opportunities too, with symphonic bands for grades 7 and 8 (100 members each), choirs for grades 7 and 8(135 members each), and strings ensembles totaling 40 members in each grade. There are also co-curricular instrumental and choral opportunities at the middle school including a musical production. Art is taught as a cycle course at the Middle School. 
    Innovative instructional practices such as the vertical teaching philosophy used with the instrumental program enhance the strong curricular offerings. Artist in residence programs, college portfolio review days, and opportunities to perform in such esteemed venues as Carnegie Hall further expand the options for students in the visual and performing arts.  At the core of all of these excellent programs is the outstanding faculty which continues to provide superior educational experiences for all students. In addition, the district has supported its program and its faculty with an excellent facility that enhances the educational opportunities for aspiring artists.

    Importantly, all students in the inter-district school choice program at Roxbury will be integrated into the entire school program.  Roxbury High School maintains a comprehensive curriculum designed to meet the needs of every student, providing a broad array of college preparatory courses, career subjects, and electives. Among our offerings are 27 honors courses in English, World Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Accounting, and Music, as well as 18 Advanced Placement courses. We offer two World Languages and a broad elective program in the Industrial Arts, Business, and Family and Consumer Science areas. Newly introduced electives in the physical education/health curriculum allow students to choose High Performance or Wellness courses of study. At the middle school, students are heterogeneously grouped on interdisciplinary teams. The core content area teachers are comprised of English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. In addition, Computer Science, World Language, Art, Music, Number Sense, Strategic Thinking, Creative Writing, Health and Physical Education are taught through cycle courses. As Informational Literacy is essential in today's world, technology is integrated across all curricula. 

    In addition to the superior visual and performing arts offerings, and the excellent curricular program, students may also avail themselves of many co-curricular opportunities at the High School. This includes an outstanding interscholastic athletic program and over 30 clubs and activities. Our student newspaper, Roxbury Review, and yearbook ECHO have received numerous state awards for their excellence and students from many other co-curricular activities represent Roxbury at local, state, and national competitions. The middle school also provides an athletic program and vibrant co-curricular opportunities. 

    School-designed character education programs such as "The Peer Leaders" and “Freshman Seminar” as well as the many student service organizations promote positive growth for students at the high school, while the “I CAN” intergenerational mentoring program, Youth Summit, and CyberConnections serve in this capacity at the Middle School.  We can proudly say that all of our students continue to improve their schools and their community through their spirit and their involvement in various service and humanitarian endeavors.