Visual Arts at Roxbury High School

  • Visual Arts Program at RHS
    The Visual Arts program in the Roxbury District provides outstanding opportunities for artistic students in a variety of domains including, drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, printmaking, graphic design and yearbook publication. The Visual Arts teachers share the philosophy of DBAE (Discipline Based Art Education) which includes History, Aesthetics, Criticism and Production. This approach affords students a strong problem-solving and analytical experience. Our classes stress artistic thinking, the creative process, conceptual skills and research. These skills promote a natural integration with academics: math, language, history and psychology. 
    Fundamental art training is presented in the seventh and eighth grade, preparing students for outstanding opportunities in the visual arts at the high school level. Eisenhower Middle School students experiment with a wide variety of media and art styles, including the infusion of the skills and tools of technology. The Art educator at EMS has a Master’s Degree and over 17 years of experience. EMS and RHS students interact through art club activities, participation in the Teen Arts Competition and Festival, Yearbook Club and individual mentoring opportunities. In addition to hosting Artists in Residence and having a very active Art Club, EMS has been the recipient of numerous grants.
    Visual Arts Essentials is offered as an enrichment class to Middle School students. They earn 5 high school credits and complete the
    prerequisite for Visual Arts. With the opportunity to enroll in any art studio class in their freshman year the student has more time to explore the arts in greater depth, create an exceptional art portfolio for college or art school submission and earn college credit through completion of AP Art Studio. 
    Roxbury School District supports, promotes and invests in the arts by providing visual arts classes K-12, encouraging professional development, and partnership between educators, professional artists and community. The facility includes four well equipped classrooms: a computer lab with 26 Macs and a plotter-printer. In the Photography Studio there are dark room facilities, in Ceramics Studio 2 kilns and 6 potter’s wheels, relief and etching presses for Printmaking. 
    The High School curriculum is comprised of eight full-year courses and ten semester courses. Art I - Visual Art Essentials is the prerequisite for all other art courses. The student pursuing a college experience in art would then follow the track of Art II - Styles and Technique, Portfolio Development, and Advanced Placement Art Studio. There are opportunities to pursue a track toward Fine Arts, Photography, Ceramics and Sculpture or Computer Arts. A student may explore other electives including: Drawing and Painting (a two dimensional art production course), Graphic Design (an introduction to commercial art using computer technology), Color & Design, Printmaking/Mixed Media, Visual Journaling or Yearbook Production. Students may earn additional art credit through Independent Study and Senior Option programs.
    The art teachers are experts in their concentrations and are all practicing artists outside of school. They have been selected to present at conferences and conventions and they have designed and implemented professional development programs for their fellow practitioners. 
    They have successfully written grants to provide students with unique learning experiences. They exhibit their own artwork at galleries, conventions and craft fairs. The six members of the department have 50+ years of teaching experience, have earned or are working toward their Master’s Degrees. 
    The department has been recognized for our commitment to integrating the arts into our school curriculum: we provide portfolio review with college admissions experts, opportunities for participation in communal art projects and Artist in Residence Programs, class visits to museums, galleries and art festivals. These unique learning experiences expand our student’s knowledge base, creativity and conceptual thinking. They introduce the numerous career paths and opportunities available to the high school art student. 
    Beyond the classroom, many co-curricular opportunities in the visual arts are available to students. Roxbury High School has a very active chapter of the National Art Honor Society, a Photography Club and Yearbook Club. The Roxbury Echo, created by our Yearbook Production class has produced award-winning publications. At annual art events students exhibit their work for a local audience: ArtROX Festival, the Celebration of the Arts, a District-wide Chalk Walk, and the Senior Art Show. They also exhibit their work in juried competitions including Fresh Perspectives, Blackwell Street High School Student Show, William Paterson ArtStart, Art Shows at local high schools and Teen Arts at CCM. At these and other venues Roxbury students have been recognized for high achievement in virtually every art media and discipline. 
    At RHS the Visual Arts focus on the individual student; their ability, skill level and interests. They are guided and challenged in the art room to take creative risks and encouraged to go outside of their comfort zone in order to learn and create something new. We provide 
    an atmosphere where students are empowered to reach their full potential - artistically, emotionally and intellectually.

    Roxbury High School
    High School - Excellence in Creativity
    William Paterson University Art Start Competition, 2014    

    Roxbury High School Visual Arts Department

    Joyce Talbot Award for


    Arts Council of the Morris Area 2010