• Child Development is a class for sophomores and juniors.  The first half of the year we spend learning about what high school students need to know to work with preschool children.  We spend time learning about communication techniques, positive guidance techniques, what it means to bring a child up with positive characteristics, how children learn and other topics that will assist us with working with preschool children.
    The second half of the year begins with examining different types of families and continues on to relationships, pregnancy, and birth.  We recognize that many different types of families are successfully bringing up happy, responsible children.  We explore what it means to have a child, what it means to be ready to handle the responsibility of children, and what constitutes a "good" relationship.  Teen pregnancy is examined and discussed in a frank and honest environment. We end the year by going through the process of pregnancy, birth, and how to handle an infant.
    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons we have a "lab" with three year old children from our community.  The labs begin in October and last through mid-May.  During the labs we practice what we have learned in the classroom and give our 3 year old children a loving environment, one on one attention and a classic preschool experience.
    Students who sign up for this course must have a strong desire to know more about children, to know what is necessary to make children successful, and a love for working with children.