• Life Management is a course for seniors and juniors to get ready for their world after high school.  We begin by examining desired careers and researching the necessary time, money and education requirements, to achieve that career.  We continue this by discussing continuing education, where they would like to study and how they intend to get there. The basics of the world of work is then discussed by examining applications, resumes, and interview practices(which may also help in their college application process). Their financial well-being is discussed as evaluating their needs, wants, values and goals for the future.
    Mid year we shift gears and concentrate on finances.  Depository institutions around home and at their desired college are examined.  We discuss taxes, credit and what is involved in having "good" credit (credit score).  Methods of saving and investing, as well as, the safety of their money is included.  Research is done on  transportation as well as finding a place to live.  We end up with ways in which we can give back to our community.
    It's a class all about you and what you will do with your future.
    Students who sign up for this class will have to think about their future goals and will create a map to achieve those goals. A desire to learn about, discuss and examine their future is required (as well as their own school issued computer ID and password).