• On this page you will find out all of the great things the students will be learning about and the fun activities we will be working on:
     ELA- This month we will begin writing persuasive essays in Writing Workshop, and we will study elements of fiction in Reading Workshop.
    Fundations- The students will work with long vowel sounds.
    Math- The students will add, subtract and regroup two-digit numbers.
    Science-  This month we will learn about light energy.
    Social Studies:  We will learn about different types of communities.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    Homework is given out Monday-Thursday.  Each night the students will be required to complete one phonics page and one math page. 
    These pages are a review of the skills that the students are learning in class. 
    Homework is due the next school day. 
    During shortened weeks, or holiday weeks, there will be no homework given.  A letter will go home in the students' folders to notify parents about this change.
    Homework can be found on the "Return to School" side of the Jefferson School Homework Folder.
    Reading Logs:
    Reading Logs are an optional homework assignment. Each Monday the students will be given a reading log to complete for the week.  After reading each night the students will record the title of the book they read, and color in the face that best describes how well they liked the book.  Parents will initial next to each entry.  Reading logs are due on Fridays.  The students will receive a small prize for completing their logs each week.
    Reading is developmental.  The students are at all different stages of reading development. The goal of the reading log is to help students become life-long readers, they will choose a book that interests them from their own collection at home, or from their visit to the school library.
    Students may read silently to themselves.  They may read aloud to a parent, sibling, pet, or favorite stuffed animal.  Parents and children may partner read by taking turns reading a page of the book. Parents may also read aloud to their child.   Please choose the activity that best suits you and your child.
    Scholastic Books:
    Scholastic Books are a wonderful way to help both your child's library collection at home and at school grow.  Each month the students will receive a scholastic book order. The order is due approximately one week after the students have received it.  Parents may place the order online using our class code K338Z.  If you are sending your child's order into school, please enclose a check made out to Scholastic Books.  Please do not send in cash.