2020/2021 Policies & Procedures for Applied Music Program

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    LOCATION - Due to COVID, the Applied Music Program is held either virtually or in-person. In-person lessons will take place at Roxbury High School, located at 1 Bryant Drive in Succasunna, NJ.

    CALENDAR - In-person lessons will not be held on days when there is an early dismissal from school for a weather emergency. Due to COVID, lessons can take place virtually when school is closed. Parents/guardians are not responsible for paying tuition for days in which the instructor cancels class. For up-to-date information on school closings and for school calendars, please visit www.roxbury.org. Lessons will run from September 2020 through June 2021 based on instructor availability. Lessons may take place virtually during school closures (i.e., holidays, breaks). This will be communicated by the instructor if lessons are to take place during these school closures. Lessons may also take place after the end-of-year recital.

    LESSONS - All students should come to their Applied Music Lessons with their instruments, sheet music, and other materials identified by the instructor. It is the student's responsibility to report either virtually or to the appropriate location in the Roxbury High School Band Wing or Choir Wing for his/her lesson.

    REGISTRATION FEE (FEE + FIRST 2 LESSONS)The mandatory registration fee is due at sign up each year. This fee is $100 and includes the first two (2) lessons. The registration portion of this fee is non-refundable. This payment is paid directly to the Roxbury Community School. Payment information is required at time of registration. If paying via check/money order, it needs to be made out to the Roxbury Community School and attached to the registration form. If paying via credit card, that information will need to be provided on the registration form. This payment will be required PRIOR to lessons commencing.

    TUITION/PAYMENTS - Lessons are $27 per half hour. When registering for lessons, you can request a preferred instructor; however, preferred instructors are not guaranteed. Payment for lessons will be in bundles of four (4) equalling $108 unless the family has signed up for auto-billing (see next section). Payment for lessons is required in advance of lessons being taken. Please try and stay at least one bundle or one month ahead. Monthly invoices will be emailed to families (parents AND students) recording when lessons take place as well as how many lessons are left on the account. Invoices will be emailed out between the 20th-25th of each month. For a sample invoice, visit www.roxbury.org/AppliedMusic under the FAQ section. Credit card payments for lessons are to be made online except for the first two (2) lessons which are included in the registration fee. Checks, money orders, or cash should be sent directly to the Roxbury Community School. Instructors ARE NOT to accept payments directly. Payment vouchers can be found at www.roxbury.org/AppliedMusic under the Pay for Lessons section. Instructors will have access to the lesson sheet to know where your student stands account wise and can deny lessons with a zero or negative balance.

    AUTO-BILLING - We have an auto-billing option. Families wishing to have their accounts charged automatically when balances reach zero will need to fill out the Credit Card Authorization Form for Applied Music and return it to the Roxbury Community School. This can be returned via US Mail or dropped off to the Roxbury Community School at 42 North Hillside Avenue, Succasunna, NJ 07876, emailed to comschool@roxbury.org, or faxed to 973-252-1434. 

    ATTENDANCE POLICY - It is the parents'/guardians' responsibility to notify the student's instructor at least twenty-four (24) hours PRIOR to an absence. If notification is made twenty-four (24) hours prior to a student's lesson, there will be no charge for the lesson (this is considered a CANCELLATION and will appear on your invoice with a "C" in the Reason column); however, if less than twenty-four (24) hours of notification is given, the regular rate for the lesson will be charged (this is considered an ABSENCE and will appear on your invoice with an "A" in the Reason column). If your child becomes ill during the school day and is sent home by the nurse or is out sick on the day of the lesson, YOU MUST STILL notify the instructor to cancel as instructors do not have access to a school's absentee list. The instructor will provide an email address to the student/parent for notification purposes at the first lesson. Continuous absence without notification is cause for dismissal from the program.  

    RECORD KEEPING - We ask that all parents keep track of when your child has a lesson. The Community School will have a record from the instructors of which students took lessons on what day. Please keep your own records of your child's lesson dates, absences, and cancellations. 

    CONTACT INFORMATION - If you have any questions or problems regarding the applied music program, please email the Community School at comschool@roxbury.org.

    WITHDRAWAL FROM PROGRAM - In order to withdraw your child from this program, you MUST send an email to comschool@roxbury.org stating your request with an effective date. Your account will need to be paid in full before your account is deactivated. A lock will be placed in Genesis until the balance is paid. A confirmation email will be sent out once this is complete along with the family's final invoice for their records. 

    END-OF-YEAR PROCEDURES - Monthly applied music invoices will be sent out September-May. Beginning in June, applied music invoices will go out WEEKLY. We ask families to plan accordingly as to how many lessons will be needed between the beginning and end of June. Beginning in June, if an account has a negative balance, a Genesis lock will be put in place until the negative balance is paid in full. Locks will be removed within 24 hours of the full payment being made. 

    Any lessons remaining at the end of June will be refunded as lessons/payments CANNOT and WILL NOT be carried over to the next year. If payments were made via check, a copy of your endorsed check (front and back) will be needed in order to process your reimbursement. If copies are not received by June 30, you forgo possible reimbursement. Credit card payments will be refunded back to the card used if the payment was made within three months of the refund period. If the payment was older than that, the refund will be processed through the Accounts Payable department and a live check will be mailed to you via US Mail. Any check/cash refunds will also be processed through Accounts Payable and a live check mailed to you via US Mail.

    MEDICAL DISCLAIMER - For participants needing to self-administer medication, please send a doctor's note to the Roxbury Community School. The only medication that can be self-administered are an EPI pen and/or an inhaler. A school nurse will not be present during this program. In case of an emergency, students will be transported to the nearest medical facility and parents will be contacted. Students and parents agree to abide by all Roxbury School District regulations. Participation in Roxbury Community School activities are at your own risk. The Roxbury Township Board of Education assumes no liability.