• Administration of Medication

    The information provided on this webpage was retrieved from the Roxbury Township Board of Education's policy and regulation for Administration of Medication:
    For complete explanations, please refer to the policy and regulation.
  • Administration of Medication
  • Effective October 2013, the Roxbury Township Board of Education adopted revised policy #5330 regarding the administration of medication for students.  According to the policy, "medication" means any prescribed or over-the-counter medicine.  This includes such medications as Tylenol, aspirin, or cough drops.
    The following guidelines must be followed when the administration of medication in school is necessary:
    1.  The parent or guardian and private physician must provide a written request for the administration of the prescribed medication at school.  The physician's written order must include the following:
      1. Name of the student
      2. Diagnosis or type of illness involved
      3. Name of the medication
      4. Dosage
      5. Time of administration
      6. Time when its use will be discontinued
      7. Side effects

    2. Currently dated medication must be brought to the Health Office by the parent/guardian in the original labeled container.  Most pharmacies will provide you with an extra bottle properly labeled for school.

    3. Medication no longer required must be promptly removed by the parent/guardian.

    4. Medication will only be administered to students in school by the school physician, a certified or non-certified school nurse, a substitute school nurse employed by the district or the student's parent/guardian.  Students with asthma or other potentially life threatening illnesses will be allowed to self-administer medication when a nurse is not physically present at the scene.  Permission for such administration must be on file in the office of the school nurse and comply with the conditions for granting permission.

    Medication Permission Forms
    Medication Permission Forms