• Asthma Treatment (Action) Plan
    Source:  http://pacnj.org/pacnj-asthma-treatment-plan/
    What is an Asthma Treatment (Action) Plan?
    • An Asthma Treatment (Action) Plan is a written plan prepared by your Health Care Provider to control your asthma.

    • Your Asthma Treatment Plan tells you:
      • What medicine to take
      • How much medicine to take
      • When to take your medicine
      • What to do in an emergency
      • What things trigger your asthma –like dust, mold, pets, odors


    For Parents of Children with Asthma: 
    • New Jersey Law requires students with asthma to have an Asthma Treatment Plan on file with the School Nurse.  The PACNJ (Pediatric/Adult Asthma Coalition of NJ) Asthma Treatment Plan is the only written plan approved by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services as meeting the requirements of the New Jersey Law.

    • Using the PDFs shown under the red arrow on this page, you can print the PACNJ Asthma Treatment Plan to discuss with your Health Care Provider, and then take a signed copy to the school nurse.

    • For students to carry their inhaler in school, your Health Care Provider must check off approval at the bottom of the PACNJ Asthma Treatment Plan.
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    Roxbury Public Schools are certified Asthma Friendly Schools
    by the Pediatriac/Adult Asthma Coalition of NJ (PACNJ).

    What makes a school asthma friendly?  Click here to learn more.  

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