Absences from School

    Absentee Verification Program

    In order to have a consistent approach to the district Absentee Verification Program, we ask you to adhere to the following procedure if your child will be absent from school:


    To report your child's absence-  Prior to 9am on the day of the impending absence:
    • You can input your child's absence on Genesis.

    • Or you can call the point-of-contact listed below for your school, giving the reason for the absence:
      • Please call your school's point-of-contact listed below prior to 9am at the phone number shown in order to report your child's absence.  This will alleviate the general office phone traffic which is usually heavy at this time.
      • There is also, for your convenience, an answering machine that is available 24 hours for each phone number shown below.  You may leave a message on it if you wish to call anytime before school hours, or after school hours.  Please still seek to call prior to 9am to report your child's absence:  

    Phone No. 
    Franklin Nurse's Office 973-584-1643
    Jefferson Kate Zenna, RN 973-584-8957
    Kennedy Sanja Kocoski, RN 973-584-3994
    Nixon Catherine Leonard, RN 973-398-1416
    Lincoln/Roosevelt Rachelle Kovacs, RN 973-584-2805
    Eisenhower Absentee Line 973-584-2973 x 2010
    High School
    Attendance Office
    973-584-1200 x 1265
     Phone Call, Voicemail
    When your child returns to school, he/she must present a written explanation signed by the parent/guardian giving the reason for the absence.


    Attendance Policy
    Please note:  In accordance with the requirements of New Jersey State Law and Administrative Code, students are expected to attend school every day that school is in session, and the responsibility for compliance belongs to the student and parent/guardian:
    • Regular attendance and participation in classes are a vital and integral part of the learning process.  Frequent absences from classroom learning experiences disrupt the continuity of the instructional process and limit the ability of the student to complete the prescribed curriculum requirements successfully.  In addition, chronic absences reinforce a habit that will handicap the individual in future education or employment.
    • Correspondingly, Roxbury High School has a very strictly enforced attendance policy. Please refer to the high school's Student Handbook to review this policy.

    • Additional information regarding attendance of students is provided by the Roxbury Township Board of Education in its:
     Important Note