• SIMULATIONS                                 
    ck12-Free online textbook, simulations, and notes.  Very comprehensive. 
    PhET Simulations-Interactive simulations whether you have a laptop, iPads, chromebooks, or BYOD
    Concord-Digital learning for math, science, and engineering
    Interactive Web -Multiple resources and interactives for all content areas
    VIDEOS & CLIPS     Video
     Discovery Resources 9-12 -Resources for grades 9-12 in multiple content areas
     Edutopia -Open educational resources through the George Lucas Foundation
     National Geographic -Free resources for all content areas
     The Teaching Channel-Videos, plans, many resources
    Green Ninja-Designing a science curriculum towards a more sustainable world
    The Science Spot -A resource for middle school educators and students
    Science Class Net -Designed more for middle school, it offers labs & activities
    Exploratorium-An ongoing exploration of science, art and human perception this website features a vast collection of online experiences that feed your curiosity
    Franklin Institute -The Franklin Institute from Philadelphia, great resource
    NASA-Earth's Observing System -Land & Atmospheric Changes over time, great images & real time data
    NASA for Educators-A comprehensive page developed by NASA specifically for educators
    Jefferson Labs -Explore the nature of matter!  Atoms, protons, electrons-oh my!
     Engineer your Life -Engineering for girls
    GFI -Boost your students’ math and science skills, enliven the classroom with engineering projects, expand your own professional horizons and stay informed& MS science educator offers up resources and labs
    BIOLOGY  Bio
    BioEd Online -Not just for Biology, a plethora of material including resources for K-8
    Biodidac-A bank of digital resources for teaching biology
    Biology in Motion-Original, entertaining, interactives on biology
    Cells Alive -An excellent resource for cells
    The Biology Corner-A great resource for Biology and Beyond 
    CHEMISTRY                                          Chem
    ACS-American Chemical Society-Chemistry for Life 
    Chemistry Lecture Notes-Designed to help the Chem student with notes & lectures
    Chem Tutor-Chem help for your students 
    Learn Chemistry-Enhanced learning & teaching in Chemistry
     EPA-Environmental Education resources for teachers & students
    NOAA-National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration 
    NOVA-Developed by PBS, this NOVA-the Planet Earth 
    NWS-National Weather Service 
    USGS-U.S. Geological Survey 
    Physics.Org-Your guide to Physics on the Web 
    Physics Central-Learn how your world works
    The Physics Classroom-An excellent resource for the Physics Classroom 
    Physics4Kids-Rader's Physics for Kids offers many ideas for multiple grade levels 
    N Clark -Nancy Clark HS 
    Coiro Chemistry-Our very own Mr. Coiro from RHS provides resources & tools for Chemistry 
    Global School Net- Support 21st century, brain-friendly learning, and improve academic performance through content-driven collaboration 
    GottScience?-Our very own Mr. Gottfried from RHS, check out GottScience
    Science Tech Daily-Daily facts and information about science 
    National Academies Press-Download a Free Copy of NGSS here 
    NGSS-A Vision for K-12 Science Education -Teaching Channel Video Clips on NGSS
    NGSS: Disciplinary Core Ideas -Teaching Channel Video Clips on DCI
    NGSS: Science & Engineering Practices -Teaching Channel Video Clips on Science & Engineering
    NGSS/NJSLSS-Five Innovations -Five Innovations that make NGSS/NJSLSS Unique
    NGSS/NJSLSS-10 Things to Know about NGSS/NJSLSS 
    NGSS/NJSLSS-Common Misconceptions-The Common Misconceptions Addressed about NGSS/NJSLSS