• Honeywell Instant Alert System
    Instant Alert for Schools

    Roxbury Public Schools utilizes Honeywell Instant Alerts to give parents control about how they want to receive emergency communication. 
    E-mail. Cell phones. Smartphones. They are all options. So log in and stay informed, in an instant. Sign up at:  https://instantalert.honeywell.com

    To review your current Honeywell Instant Alert settings: 
    • Please visit https://instantalert.honeywell.com:

      • Directions on how to access and edit your alert settings on Honeywell's site are provided under the following links:  

      • We recommend that you select more than one way of being notified, i.e. text, email, land line.  

      • If you receive a new cell phone number, you must enter this new number into your Honeywell account in order to receive alerts.

      • If receiving alerts via email, be sure to set your e-mail spam filter to receive e-mail from Honeywell.com.

      • Be sure to check off the type of alerts you want to receive, especially notifications about school closings.

      • It is also extremely important to set your account to receive alerts from "midnight to midnight".  If you set your account to not receive alerts before 5am, and an alert is released at 4:49am, Honeywell will not send it to you since you set up your account to not receive messages before 5am.

    • If you need assistance with updating your Honeywell profile:

      • Please do not hesitate to reach out to your school's main office.
      • You can also visit https://instantalert.honeywell.com and click on the Help Request link on the lower right hand side of the page.
    When the weather is inclement and you have NOT received notification via Honeywell, you can always check:
    Honeywell shared with us that news of inclement weather does bring excessive power surges with wireless carriers:
    • This could lead to alerts not being delivered by a wireless carrier for almost an hour after the alert was originally sent.  

    • The overload on wireless carriers' networks may also prevent a small percentage of staff and parents not receiving alerts.  

    • Additionally, parents and staff receive an alert in no certain order from Honeywell.  

    • When in doubt about the opening or closing of school, please check the above sites for verification.

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to ensure your Honeywell profile is up-to-date, and for bookmarking the sites above for quick reference when inclement weather is forecasted. 

    Loretta L. Radulic
    Superintendent of Schools

    *For Substitues:  If the district has called for a school closing, delayed opening and/or early dismissal, substitutes will be notified via email only from Aesop.  Therefore instead of a Honeywell account, substitutes are encouraged to log into their Aesop account, and adjust their settings to receive alerts about changes in the opening of school.
Last Modified on March 7, 2018