• Bed Bugs ~ Response Flow Chart
    School Responsibility:  To provide a healthy, pest-free environment in which students can excel
    Parent / Caregiver Responsibility:  To provide a safe and healthy living environment for the student
    Probable / Possible Bed Bug Infestation
    (Bug found on belongings or suspected bites)
     School Response Flow Chart
    Discreetly remove student from classroom.  Assess and interview.
    School Nurse and Administration examine clothing, belongings, and lockers for presence of bed bugs
    Administration notifies parent/guardian of child's exclusion* from school until the following documentation is provided:
    1.  A MD note of medical clearance

    2. An authorized certificate from an exterminator, licensed by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection to treat bed bugs.
    *Educational materials on the care and treatment of Bed Bug infestation will be provided to parent/guardian at the time of initial exclusion.
    Upon return to school, School Nurse will periodically monitor student for evidence of continued Bed Bugs.
    Environmental Response Flow Chart
    Have school pest management contractor inspect ALL classrooms / environments / lockers of excluded student.
    Consider sending parent notification letter for all students in affected classrooms.
    Follow school IPM plan for treatment as indicated.
    Bed bugs