• Physical Education Safety Rules

    For Roxbury High School Students
    Dress Code:
    • T-shirts/Sweatshirts-
      • These shirts should not have any inappropriate writing or designs on them
      • Safety- For safety reasons, pockets, zippers, snaps, and/or buttons will not be accepted on T-shirts or Sweatshirts.

    • Shorts/Sweatpants-
      • They must be athletic type shorts and should not have any inappropriate writing or designs on them.
      • Safety- For safety reasons, shorts and sweatpants with pockets, zippers, snaps, belt loops, Velcro, or buttons are not acceptable.

    • Sneakers-
      • Athletic type sneakers, which have a flat, bottom (no heels).
      • Safety-
        • Sneakers must be laced snugly and tied securely.
        • The following footwear is not acceptable: hiking boots, platform sneakers, sneakers with heels, steel-toe sneakers, and clog sneakers (open back).

    • Headwear- Headwear of any kind may not be worn in physical education or health classes (as per school policy).

    • Jewelry-  All jewelry must be removed prior to entering the gymnasium for class. This includes earrings, stud earrings, watches, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and anything else that the PE teacher considers a potential safety hazard.
    Nurses' Excuses:
    1. One day excuse (without a Doctor’s note)
      1. Change into your physical education clothes
      2. Ask your teacher for permission to see the nurse
      3. If the nurse excuses you, bring the pass back to the teacher immediately
      4. The teacher will assign an alternative written assignment to be completed in a designated classroom with a teacher present. The completed assignments must be handed back to the p.e. teacher by the end of the class period.

    2. Excuse with a Doctor’s note
      1. Bring the doctor’s note to the nurse
      2. Short term excuses (not to exceed 4 weeks) - you will be given an alternative written assignment that must be completed to earn a grade for time missed in class
      3. Long term excuses - the nurse may assign you to a study hall.Locker Room Security
    Guidance Appointments
    1. Change into your physical education clothes.
    2. Ask your teacher for permission to attend the appointment.
    3. You are responsible for all information presented in class
    Tardy to Class
    1. Students should report to the main gym for attendance before the late bell rings.
    2. After attendance students have five minutes to change and return to the main gym.
    3. The locker room will be locked after students have changed. If you arrive after that, be sure you have a late pass.
    4. Tardies will count if you are late arriving to the main gym for attendance.
    Locker Room Security
    1. A gym locker is assigned to each student. Students should not share their locker or combination with other students.
    2. Students are required to use a school issued lock. Lock are distributed to all ninth grade and new students. Locks must be returned upon transfer or graduation.
    3. Students who lose their lock are responsible for purchasing a new school issued lock.
    4. Lock all personal items in your locker before reporting to the gym. All jewelry, books, book bags, chromebooks, purses, school clothes, shoes and any other personal items need to be locked securely.