• Dear Roxbury Community:

    Can you believe it is already October? I have to admit that October is one of my favorite months. It signifies the beginning of change, and it is tangible. We can see it in the leaves, in the temperature, and in the length of the day. October beckons people to change as well – to be kinder, more thoughtful, and more respectful. We kick off this month with the Week of Respect and devote this month to creating a healthy, drug and violence free America.

    On October 16th, you are invited to attend the Roxbury Board of Education meeting where our Human Resources Director along with members of the guidance department will present an overview of activities and events for October along with providing a look into the ways we support a bully-free environment.

    Lastly, there is an app that may be of interest to community members and their children in preventing cyber-bullying. It is called the “rethink” app. It’s free and reminds us to pause and rethink before sending messages that may be hurtful.

    We hope that you will join us in creating an atmosphere in Roxbury that promotes trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. We believe that honor still exists, a person’s word still holds meaning, and one’s actions exemplify personal values and beliefs. Preparing our students of today for tomorrow means more than studying core subjects or exploring elective options – it means we foster positive character traits and encourage acting with integrity.

    Yours in Education,

    Loretta Radulic

    Superintendent of Schools

  • Loretta Radulic

    Superintendent of Schools

  • Loretta L. Radulic