• All students in need of skill remediation recommended for summer school have several options. All sign ups require notifcation to the guidance counselor as well as a passing grade of "C" or higher in the course taken.


    Online Coursework can be completed through EDUCERE

    The work is done independently online and all modules must be completed August 17th with registration due before July 10th. (No more than 2 courses can be completed online). 


    Onsite Coursework can be completed through the options below. The work is done on site in classes with other students and must be completed within the timelines the district can provide. Absences are not accepted.

    Mt. Olive Public Schools

    Session I: 7:30-10:15

    Session II 11:00-2:20

    Mon.-Thurs.: July 1-August 1, no school on the 4th. Course options TBD

    Registration Fee: $100 and Course Tuition= $325

    Copeland Middle School

    Language Arts and Math 

    Session I: 8:15-9:45

    Session II 9:45-11:15