• P.E.A.K. for Gr. K - 6

    Providing Enrichment and Accelerated KnowledgeRoxbury School District's G&T Programming

  • Program Overview

    All students in Kindergarten through Grade 6 are exposed to rigorous, age-appropriate S.T.E.A.M. instruction, as well as curricular enrichment and extension that leads to higher level thinking experiences of high interest.  These P.E.A.K. driven lessons and investigations are provided as part of the schedule as grade-level time with the homeroom teachers in each classroom. 


  • FAQs

    How does my child qualify for the program?

    All students in Kindergarten - 6th grade are offered opportunities to participate in the P.E.A.K. program. 


    How many kids are in the program?

    All Kindergarten - 6th grade students are offered opportunities to participate in the P.E.A.K. program.


    What is STEAM?

    STEM education refers to the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEAM education incorporates the “A” for the arts – recognizing that to be successful in technical fields, individuals must also be creative and use critical thinking skills which are best developed through exposure to the arts. Lessons are designed to build critical thinking skills in all content areas. 


    Will there be an entry test(s)?

    No, but multiple measures are considered when evaluating every student's curricular progress and experience, including but not limited to:

    IXL Diagnostic Test Scores - Reading and Math (completed three times a year with their classes)

    Running records (completed in school)

    Classroom grades / performance