STEAM Expos 2019

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    Roxbury Schools is looking to raise awareness through education and outreach of its sustainability practices to the community at large with two STEAM Expos in 2019. This is possible thanks to the grant funding from Sustainable Jersey for Schools Grants Program and the NJEA where Roxbury School District was one of eleven districts awarded a $10,000 grant in February 2019 for its STEAM Expos: Seeds of Sustainability and Gearing Gaels to Go Green proposal.

    STEAM Expo: Seeds of Sustainability

    This STEAM Expo was on March 9, 2019 and gave our students the opportunity to teach their peers, their parents, and the public about sustainability projects they’ve worked on.

    The theme this year was Seeds of Sustainability, where we asked to see projects that touched on sustainability like renewable energy, eco-friendly, gardens/composts, weather, health and wellness, recycling, food/waste, etc. whereby promoting the sustainability of our community and our planet while performing valuable research that contributes to a stronger, healthier relationship between humans and the environment. 

    Click here to read a recap on this Expo. For more information on this expo, click the link to the left under STEAM Expos.

    STEAM Expo: Gearing Gaels to Go Green

    The Gearing Gaels to Go Green Expo planned for the fall 2019 will bring in outside organizations, businesses, and groups to teach our community about different “Green” topics. This Expo will have information booths, classes, demonstrations, health checks, physical activities, and hands-on experiences and interactions for all ages.

    The district will host a tasting and composting session using aeroponic gardens and composters from five of the seven schools that were purchased using the grant funding. Leading up to this expo, students and staff will learn about gardening, healthy nutritional habits, and composting. Items grown and information learned will be turn-keyed to the public as we Gear Gaels to Go Green!