Family and Consumer Sciences

Interested in working with children?

  • So, you are interested in working with children.  This is the class where 4-year-olds from the community come to prepare for kindergarten. Come join a class where you learn how to refine your communication skills with children and your peers.  This class is student-driven.  What do you want to name your class?  What themes are you interested in using? What do you want to teach the children?

    Don't necessarily want to teach?  That is fine.  Do you want to be a nurse, doctor, therapist, etc..Many skills are learned and reinforced in this class.  When you work with people you have to be flexible and adapt to the situation at the time.  This class teaches you how to do that. Work with your peers and children to a common goal. Learn how to think outside of the box.  Have a good time teaching and learning at the same time! We are a TEAM!