• P.E.A.K. for Gr. 9 - 12

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  • Honors and Advanced Placement Courses

    Honors and/or Advanced Placement courses are designed to provide students with an academic challenge that exceeds those provided in other college preparatory courses. In addition, this coursework may provide an opportunity to complete college-level courses while still attending high school. Assignments and activities are designed to move students to think and write more critically at a higher level and at a more rigorous pace. To be successful students should:

    1. Be selected on the basis of academic record, teacher recommendations, standardized test results, application, or other placement criteria.

    2. Have a high level of interest in the subject and be motivated to work hard.

    3. Demonstrate strong reading, analytical, critical thinking, and writing skills.

    4. Demonstrate academic ability and achievement strong enough to be successful in the subject.

    5. Demonstrate excellent attendance, self-discipline, independent work habits, and maturity to succeed in the course.



    Roxbury High School will be partnering with local colleges to offer students the opportunity to earn college credit in approved dual enrollment courses. These courses are taught at Roxbury High School by our staff. Dual enrollment enables high school students to gauge their ability to complete college work prior to a full-time college study.

    Upon successful completion of a dual enrollment course, and a per-credit tuition payment, students will receive a college transcript with the credits earned. Please note that the cost of the per-credit tuition will be charged to the student.

  • Click the icon above to view Roxbury High School's Program of Studies.

    Click the icon above to view Roxbury High School's Program of Studies.