Roxbury Community School Preschool Philosophy

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    Preschool is such a unique time for children and their families. Children are beginning to see themselves and their world in a whole new way. At the RCS Preschool, we believe that this time in a child's life is very precious and we enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to be a part of it! Many things such as a sense of self, language development, independence and other social-emotional skills need to be developed and cultivated in a positive, caring, and engaging learning environment.

    Beginning your child's early learning in this unmatched program will ensure their seamless transition into the district's elementary school setting.

    A balance of student and teacher-driven learning activities support our teaching strategies that inspire a Constructivist approach to learning. This research-based theory suggests that we create our own knowledge through active, hands-on lessons where we can explore, ask questions, and connect to what we already know. Learn more about this approach here.

    Our goals:

    • Develop strong social-emotional skills by modeling appropriate behavior
    • Offer real-life experiences that help children connect to their learning
    • Ensure a safe, exciting, fun and content-rich learning environment
    • Provide each child with a foundation and readiness to learn for current and future school success
    • Cultivate a lifelong love of learning

    RCS Preschool is dedicated to providing a multitude of opportunities for your child to grow and maximize his/her potential. We meet your child where they are in their learning through differentiated instruction to focus on individual and diverse needs.

    We encourage...

    • Curiosity through inquiry
    • Conversation and self-expression through small and large group activities
    • Problem-solving and critical thinking through scaffolding questions during authentic learning opportunities
    • Exploration of the world around us through experimenting with materials and manipulatives
    • Purposeful play that facilitates learning
    • Ongoing opportunities to use language to share, cooperate and interact with their peers and teachers

    We provide opportunities for your children to...

    • Feel valued as an integral part of the classroom community
    • Progress at their own pace
    • Be challenged by thinking out of the box
Last Modified on March 5, 2021