• The fundamental purpose of the Special Services Department is to provide programs and services that are designed to support the intellectual, emotional and social growth of each child so that they may become contributing members of society. To achieve this purpose, the Special Services Department shall:

    • Ensure that educationally handicapped students have available to them a free, appropriate public education which includes Special Education and/or related services.
    • Encourage creativity and enthusiasm for learning while emphasizing mastery of basic skills.
    • Create an environment which enables students to develop and understanding of the rights of opinions of others.
    • Promote critical thinking, logical decision making and the development of personal responsibility.
    • Focus on the recognition and utilization of personal strengths and the alleviation of weaknesses to aid the students in accepting themselves and establishing their roles in present and future family life.
    • Provide guidance in career selection by encouraging students to examine and evaluate their attitudes, aptitudes and abilities.

    We believe that these statements can best be realized through the combination of dedicated staff working in conjunction with responsible students, their families, and appropriate state and local agencies. Please see the attached Parent Rights and Special Education guide for more information.