A Typical Day

  • We have a very busy and fun-filled day! 
    Morning Meeting: Greeting, calendar, weather, announcements.  We may sing songs and learn poems/fingerplays.

    Lunch: We eat lunch in the cafeteria. Students have the option of bringing a lunch from home or buying lunch from the cafeteria.

    D.E.A.R Time: Students may choose a book from our classroom to read or look through either on their own or with a partner.

    Story and Group Activity: We will read a story and do an activity to go along with the topic of the day. Students may work on their own, in pairs or in cooperative groups. Activities may include writing, drawing, using manipulatives or conducting a science experiment.

    Outdoor  Play: We play outside every day, weather permitting.  If the temperature (or wind chills) falls below 32 degrees we will not be going outside.

    Centers/Stations: Students work in centers to reinforce social and academic skills.  I also plan on having the students work in math and  literacy stations to reinforce concepts in those subject areas.  At this time,  we will also meet in small groups.  Later in the year, we'll meet in small  groups for guided reading.

    Snack: Snack in the afternoon is optional, but we find many students get hungry towards the end of our day.

    Wrap-up and Pack up: We meet on the carpet to reflect on our day.  If time allows, we may sing a song, read a book or play a game.

    Dismissal: We have 4th grade bus buddies who take us to our bus every day!