Download Applied Music Program Policies


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    1. The APPLIED MUSIC INSTRUCTION program will be held at Roxbury High School.


    2. Lessons will not be held on days when there is an early dismissal from school for a weather emergency or when there is no school. Parents/guardians are not responsible for paying tuition for days on which schools are closed or the instructor cancels class.


    3. All students should come to their APPLIED MUSIC LESSONS with their instruments, sheet music, and other materials identified by the instructor. It is the student’s responsibility to report to the appropriate location in the RHS Band Wing or Choir Wing for his/her lesson.


    4. ATTENDANCE POLICY. It is the parents’/guardians’ responsibility to notify the student’s instructor at least 24 hours prior to an absence. If notification is made 24 hours prior to a student’s lesson, there will be no charge for the lesson (this is considered a CANCELLATION); however, if less than 24 hours of notification is given, the regular rate for the lesson will be charged (this is considered an ABSENCE). Continuous absence without notification is cause for dismissal from the program. If your child becomes ill during the school day and is sent home by the nurse, YOU MUST STILL notify the instructor to cancel. The instructor will provide an email to the student for notification purposes at the first lesson.


    5. TUITION. Lessons are $27 per half hour. When registering for lessons, you can request a preferred instructor; however, preferred instructors are not guaranteed.

    6. REGISTRATION/PAYMENT: Once your child is registered, SMART TUITION will contact you about payment options for your child’s weekly $27 half-hour lesson. Each family will be assigned a SMART TUITION account and will be assessed an annual $50 administrative fee for the program. Lessons run from the end of September through June 1, 2016. If your son/daughter opts to take lessons in the summer program, the administrative fee will apply through August, 2016. 

    7. RECORDS. We ask that all parents keep track of when your son/daughter has a lesson. The community school will have record from the instructors which students took lessons on what day.