Cycles and Electives Classes

  • Purpose:

    Cycle and Elective classes support curricular skills that encompass the arts (visual/performing), technology, health, and core academic areas.  The goal is to provide students with unique experiences that have a lasting effect.


    7th graders will have all cycles assigned to them. 8th graders with have the option of choosing an Art (Visual and Performing) English, and Math elective.  They will be assigned at random all cycles.


    7th grade cycles: Health, Art, Music and STEAM 1.0, Digital Citizenship, Civics I, Financial Literacy, Research


    8th grade cycles: Health (CPR/First Aid), STEAM 2.0, Civics II, Media & Public Speaking

    8th grade Electives: Math (Stock Market, Accounting, Sports Statistics), ELA (Graphic Novel, Creative Writing, Journalism),

    Art (Ceramics, Drawing and Painting), Performing Arts (Music Composition and Songwriting through Technology, Musical Theater Workshop).


    Cycle and Elective classes will be graded utilizing the A-F grading scale.  Teachers will inform students of grading procedures and expectations.

    Class Descriptions: