Roxbury's Applied Music Program

  • Roxbury's Applied Music Program is one of the most celebrated afterschool programs in the region. Blessed with award-winning music educators offering world-class instruction, the program nurtures local talent, empowering students to pursue careers in entertainment well after graduation.

    This is a district wide program that provides a high quality enhancement to classroom instruction. Teachers are all specialists on their instrument or vocal specialty. All of our teachers are trained professional musicians and highly qualified in their instrument of expertise. Private study is extremely valuable to the individual student and highly encouraged. Private study is offered as enrichment, NOT remedial instruction. It is encouraged for the complete development of each student’s potential as a performing musician and/or artist.

    As teachers, we are grateful for the value you as parents place on your child’s music education.  We are writing to share with you some of the ways you can help encourage your child’s success in their musical endeavors.  If your child is currently playing in an ensemble but has never studied his or her particular instrument with a specialist, we hope you will consider private lessons.

    To register for the Applied Music Program, you click on the Registration link on the left.

    Thank you for your interest! Once you have filled out the online registration one of our instructors will be in contact with you to arrange lessons.