Nixon Elementary School Nurse's Office

  • Nixon School Nurse: Mrs. Luisi
    Phone Number: 973-398-1416

    Hello Nixon School Families!

    I am proud and honored to be the school nurse for Nixon Elementary School!

    I have been a Registered Nurse and a resident of Roxbury Township for over 20 years.  My passion is caring for children and I entered nursing so that I could do so.   What attracts me to "school" nursing is that it gives me the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of so many children and their families each and every day. 

    My objective is that all of your children will have the opportunity to best take advantage of the awesome educational resources here at Nixon School.  Although first aid and emergency care are important roles for me, they are by no means where my role ends!  My focus throughout the year will be on promoting health and preventing disease. 

    Most importantly, I would like to have an open line of communication with you.  I welcome and appreciate any information you can give me regarding your needs and concerns, whether they are related to the community as a whole or your specific family/individual needs. 

    All of our communications will, of course, be confidential.  I am available to you and your child for support, encouragement, and information throughout the year. I welcome and encourage you to stop by the nurse's office, and/or call me at (973) 398-1416. 

    In addition, I encourage you to review the information provided on this website and refer back to it as needed.  

    I am truly honored to be your school nurse and look forward to getting to personally know each and every one of you and your children! 

    Yours in Health!

    Jennifer Luisi

    Nixon School Nurse