• Loretta L. Radulic

    Superintendent of Roxbury Public Schools

District Goals Update / March 2019

Portrait of a Graduate

  • Fall 2018

    Dear Roxbury Families:

    As a progressive and cutting-edge district, we take great pride in continuous reflection of our vision and the educational experiences we provide for our children. This is evident in the collaborative way in which our Board of Education and District Administration develop annual goals and support the professional growth of staff in order to achieve them. While each initiative needs a champion to forward it, there must also be an end goal or destination. That’s where a Portrait of a Graduate comes in.

    A Portrait of a Graduate is a process where all community stakeholders participate in identifying the essential skills, personal attributes, and future-ready attitudes we hold in high regard and expect every graduate to acquire during his/her time in the Roxbury Schools. The Portrait of a Graduate design will serve as our beacon or destination. The process will allow the community to have a voice in defining the skills, abilities, mindsets, and goals for our graduating seniors. It will also serve as the “why” that drives decisions in framing future initiatives, processes, and strategies. Moreover, it will be the destination when we create a Strategic Plan in the future.

    In the coming months, we will embark on the process of developing a Portrait of a Graduate. The dates are set as follows:

    • Wednesday, October 10, 2018
    • Tuesday, December 4, 2018
    • Wednesday, February 13, 2019

    We will meet in the Lincoln Roosevelt auditorium at 7:00pm. 

    In preparation for our gatherings, all are asked to view the following video:  Essential Skills and Mindsets


    We are looking forward to traveling this path with you and designing a Portrait of a Graduate that captures and embodies the spirit, abilities, and competencies of our graduating Gaels.

    Yours in Education,

    Loretta L. Radulic
    Superintendent of Schools

  • Loretta L. Radulic