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     In the Fall, students will be introduced to the basics of robotics. They will learn how to code a robot to accurately complete specific tasks and will work in small teams building robot attachments in order to complete a given challenge. Robotics Club is open to all interested students no matter the skill level!

    In the Spring, our club participates in the Junior Solar Sprint Competition (https://www.usaeop.com/program/jss/) where student teams are tasked with building the fastest solar car they can in order to race/compete against teams from other schools. Signups for this section will be held in the spring and space is extremely limited. As a result of the high level of student interest, participation is dependent on a recommendation from a combination of Math, Science and Tech Teachers as well as students having been a positive contributor to EMS.   

    Fall and Spring offerings of this club are separate, and, while some students may be part of both the Fall and Spring, each offering will have its own set of requirements. Participation in the Fall will not guarantee or be a requirement for participating in the Spring.

    Please see Mr. M in the STEAM Lab (Room 31) for more information.