About Eisenhower Middle School

  • Eisenhower Middle School strives to provide approximately 564 students in the seventh and eighth grades with a comprehensive education. Our goal is to implement our school-wide philosophy that “utilizes various tools so we will ensure all students learn and strive to be successful and become well rounded citizens”. This philosophy is used to meet the vision for the Roxbury School District - “Preparing the children of today for tomorrow…”
    Our caring staff is dedicated to educating the whole child. Student-centered instruction is driven by the appropriate state standards. In the classroom, our teachers encourage students to be independent thinkers, self-advocates, members of a team, and responsible citizens. Our strong academic program is coupled with a Performing Arts program that serves as a nexus to a nationally recognized high school program. Collectively, the staff and community of Eisenhower Middle School set the following goals for the 2014-2015 school year: 

    • Establish effective communication with all stakeholders by utilizing a variety of resources. 

    • Create a strong sense of community in the school by strengthening the climate and culture 
    as a whole. 

    • Inform, instruct, and support staff in the implementation of new initiatives such as 
    technology, evaluation, and the common core. 

    Another part of educating the whole child is the ability to provide students with a variety of opportunities outside of the classroom. EMS offers the following interscholastic sports: Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country, Field Hockey, Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball, and Boys’ and Girls’ Track. Intramural sports are offered for a number of students that are unable to participate in our sports programs. Along with the athletic opportunities, our school offers over 20 different clubs for students to participate in. 

    Eisenhower Middle School is a place where all individuals take a proactive role in the learning environment. EMS is the epitome of a learning community that encompasses faculty, staff, students, parents, and community members. Together with a rigorous academic program, student offerings, and a strong supportive community, EMS is a place where all students grow.