Professional Learning Preparation for Phase II

  • A video of the presentation is below. To view a PDF version of the slides presented, click here.

  • Video Table of Contents

    1:29 - Instructional Expectations

    3:35 - Learning Environment

    6:50 - Guidelines and Prompts

    10:21 - Interactions and Relevance

    13:26 - Wait Time and Preparation

    19:27 - Pause and Reflect #1

    20:14 - Application and Activity

    22:31 - Instruction and Interaction

    26:56 - Learning Environment and Experience

    29:16 - Pause and Reflect #2

    30:07 - Assessment and Feedback

    39:36 - Instructional Closure

    42:34 - Multiple Means of Expression, Engagement and Presentation

    48:07 - Pause and Reflect #3

    48:24 - Community and Self Care

    49:50 - Pause and Reflect #4

    50:06 - Thank you

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