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Roxbury EdCamp Offered for In-service Day


Roxbury EdCamp Offered for In-service Day 

Kennedy School Grade 4 Teacher Tina Banta covers IXL to Support Student Growth in ELA and Math

ROXBURY, NJ (October 12, 2018) – Students may have had off Columbus Day but their teachers were hard at work at this year’s October EdCamp in-service day. EdCamps are participant-driven conferences designed to provide participant-driven professional development for educators. Members of the Roxbury staff were given the flexibility to choose from 35 different topics over four morning sessions. These trainings were conducted by the administrative team and teaching colleagues. 

Dr. Chuck Seipp, the Assistant Superintendent shared that the EdCamp format was identified based on the feedback teachers provided after last year’s in-service as well as in the survey about the upcoming day. 

“District administration worked to develop an experience that sought to meet everyone's expectations, which included providing choices in the learning experience, allowing time to collaborate with peers, providing opportunities for the empowerment of teacher leaders, and time built into the day to meet and implement what was learned. Thus far, the feedback from teachers has been very positive with the most common sentiment being gratitude for being able to choose learning experiences that interested individuals as well as for the time to collaborate and implement their learning. The day was successful due to the preparation and execution of exceptional sessions by teachers and administrators.”  

The afternoon portion provided flexibility for the staff to implement what they had learned, meet with their Professional Learning Communities, or attend departmental/grade level meetings. 

Topics covered at the EdCamp all aligned with the district’s goals and initiatives for this school year. This year’s district goals are: 

  • Student Achievement/Professional Development – Enhance active, inclusive, and multifaceted learning experience that maximizes each student’s potential and empowers individual achievement.
  • Future Ready – Implement innovative programs to support students’ future-ready preparedness.
  • Health & Wellness - Create an economically viable, safe, friendly, atmosphere for students, staff and community members equipped to inspire all learners to achieve their potential.
  • Culture & Climate/Community – Foster an inclusive and collaborative culture and climate with internal and external stakeholders. 

Topics ranging from security, sustainability, SGOs, and Brain Breaks were just a few of the topics to choose from. The full list included:

  • Alice Updates and Security Protocols
  • Building a Culture of Innovation in the Classroom
  • CK-12 Learning an Online Resource Tool
  • Co-Teaching – Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Support
  • Collecting Data through Running Records in Math
  • Effective Parent Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom
  • Facilitating and Supporting Student Questioning
  • Flipped and Paperless Classrooms
  • Genius Hour and Autonomous Learning
  • Google Classroom Updates
  • Guided Math in Action
  • How to Use Instructional Rounds to Gain Valuable Feedback
  • Infusing Oral Communication Skills into your Lessons
  • Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning
  • IXL to Support Student Growth in ELA and Math
  • Making Homework Meaningful
  • Maximizing Instructional Time to Foster Learning
  • Mentor and Mentee Check-in
  • Mindfulness and Self-help Strategies
  • Sustainability and Going Green
  • Powerful Assessment Tools: Utilizing the Learning Progressions and Performance Assessments in Reading and Writing Workshop
  • Promoting Student Feedback in the Classroom
  • Science Interactive Notebooks
  • STEAM, FOSS, NGSS, and Project-Based Assessments
  • Student Action Research Projects
  • Student-led Conferences K-6
  • Tips for De-escalating Interactions with Anxious and Defiant Students
  • Tracking Data and Goal Setting to Increase Academic Performance
  • Using Brain Breaks to Support Student Learning
  • Using Educreations in the Classroom
  • Using Formative Assessment to Adjust Instruction
  • Using the SGO Tracker Tool
  • Writing Across the Curriculum
  • Writing Achievable, yet Ambitious SGOs 

“With so many areas of interest to choose from, it was hard to narrow it down to just four. Some of the sessions were so full that you had to choose something else. It just goes to show how popular this style of In-Service day was,” shared one elementary teacher. 

A Google Drive of the presentations and resources were shared with the staff afterward for them to refer back to or in some cases, if they didn’t make the session, they could still learn about the topic. 

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For more information, contact: Roxbury Community School/Community Relations Coordinator Ann Rhodes at or 973-584-7699.



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