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Digital Learning Day Celebrated at Jefferson and Kennedy Schools


Digital Learning Day Celebrated at Jefferson and Kennedy Schools

Students on computers celebrating Digital Learning Day at Jefferson and Kennedy Schools ROXBURY, NJ (March 15, 2019) – Students at Jefferson and Kennedy Elementary Schools in Roxbury Township celebrated Digital Learning Day on February 28th. 

To kick things off, technology teacher Karen Kovarik registered the schools for the event and encouraged teachers to try something new with technology on that day and in the following week. She explained to students that “Digital Learning Day is a day to celebrate the ways that technology helps us to learn.” 

Adding, “In Roxbury, we are fortunate to have a great variety of devices such as Chromebooks, iPads, desktop computers, VR goggles, and SMARTBoards. More important than the devices themselves, however, are the creative ways in which teachers plan lessons to utilize the technology.” 

Here are just some of the activities that students participated in on this special day: 

Mrs. Allen’s Class with RCS PreK  Kasey Fox’s Third Grade class at Jefferson School participated in a math Nearpod lesson. 

Jill Rubenstein, a teacher at Jefferson and Kennedy School began using’s reading and word study program to support her students’ learning. Freckle is an individually-paced program. 

Tina Leister and Sarah Goodyear, fourth-grade teachers at Kennedy School teamed up to have a Google Expeditions lesson on Digital Learning Day. Goodyear taught both classes using Roxbury’s newest technology, the Virtual Reality goggles. 

Leister shared, “It was the students first time due to all the crazy snow and delay schedule changes. They loved LOVED it!” 

Olivia Healy's Spark Post that says throw kindness like confetti Kathy Byrne and Justin Iazzetti’s K-2 students at Kennedy school created book trailers using Adobe Spark Video. Byrne said they tied their projects in with Read Across America. “We started on the first day by completing a sheet about our favorite book. In the afternoon, we showed them a sample video and explained the video project using Adobe Spark.” 

Adding, “First thing in the morning on Digital Learning Day, they planned the slides for the video and then for the rest of the day, we worked on them. They were so proud of their creations and many students were excited to try another one that night at home.” 

Second-grader Alyna Pieklo shared her project with us and it can be seen at

Nicole Olcott’s Third Grade students at Kennedy interacted with a class from another state in a Mystery Skype activity. She shared, “I partnered up with a teacher in another state and we had our classes video chat. Students took turns asking yes and no questions to each other to try and figure out where they lived. We used a map to help us narrow down our options. Our class Skyped with another 3rd grade class in Virginia!” 

Erin Allen’s Third Graders at Kennedy partnered with the Roxbury Community School Preschool Program with Stacy Spicka and Kristy Stanton’s classes for a Google Expeditions lesson. 

Allen explained how her students went into the preschool in Kennedy School and showed them how to use virtual reality. “They took a virtual field trip to the San Diego Zoo and underwater in the Galapagos Islands.” 

Karen Kovarik teamed up with Ashley Singewald’s Fourth Graders at Jefferson School to create inspirational graphics using Adobe Spark Post. Students were able to choose to create a graphic around the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) theme-of-the-month, which was Kindness, or technology. 

“Started in 2012, Digital Learning Day has provided a powerful venue for education leaders to highlight great teaching practice and showcase innovative teachers, leaders, and instructional technology programs that are improving student outcomes,” according to the Digital Learning Day website. 

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For more information, contact: Roxbury Community School/Community Relations Coordinator Ann Rhodes at or 973-584-7699. 


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