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COVID-19 Inspired Project #WeStickTogetherRoxbury


COVID-19 Inspired Project #WeStickTogetherRoxbury

Two second graders create #WeStickTogether art project   

ROXBURY, NJ (April 15, 2020) – Two second-graders and their families from Kennedy Elementary School in Roxbury Township are inspiring their community to stick together through art. Cassidy Zeis from Erin Allen’s second-grade class and her friend Olivia Van Handle from Kathy Byrne’s class partnered up to show how a community can come together through art while still being apart during social distancing. 

Alli Zeis, Cassidy’s mom shared, “They created a video to get a few friends to do art and created a project which is now hanging on the fence at their school. We created a second video so we can get the rest of our community to participate and other communities to come together through art as well.” 

Cassidy and Olivia explained, “We wanted to prove that our community can still stick together while being apart through social distancing, so we created a virtual art project. We asked a group of our good friends to paint sticks from their yards and to leave them by their mailboxes. Our moms picked them up 24 hours later and we created our community’s first work of art. Now we are challenging you to pair up with a friend or another family and get others in your neighborhood to help create and display our next community art piece. Take a video of your art piece and challenge the next group to keep our community and others connected through art.” 

Adding, “Here are some tips, be very clear in what you want. Keep it simple and use art items that are convenient and environmentally friendly. Be sure to follow social distancing rules. Make sure you wash your hands and cover your coughs and sneezes and request that your friends do the same especially when doing their art. Get permission before displaying your artwork if you mount it in a public area. Take pics #WeStickTogether and #WeStickTogetherRoxbury and most importantly, have fun! Let’s stick together Roxbury!” 

PHOTO ATTACHED (courtesy of Kennedy School)

VIDEOS ATTACHED (courtesy of Kennedy School)


For more information, contact: Roxbury Community School/Community Relations Coordinator Ann Rhodes at or 973-584-7699.



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