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Lesson 44

We finished Act 1. Next class we will have an Act 1 quote quiz. You need to review Act 1 to do well on this quiz. 
In addition, you have an assignment. The assignment is on the second page of the packet I gave you for Titus (the one that has your parts in it.) You have a discussion question to answer online. The packet says that you will write 2 pages, but I forgot to change that from last year. You will really write 2 paragraphs (but two GOOD paragraphs). You will upload this to, but not the way you typically do.
Go to your class page on and click on the Discussion tab at the top. Click on the Act 1 Discussion link. If there are more than one link, it will be the bottom one.
In the middle of your page is a big "Reply to this topic" button. You really can't miss it. Click on there, and paste in your response. I suggest writing it in something like Word so that if the page doesn't save right you don't lose your entire post. Then copy and paste it into the form.
Next class, you will be assigned a partner. (You can't do this part yet) You will then read their response and write a one paragraph response to theirs. I'll go over how to do that next class.
If you don't have the packet, you could find it on the "files" page of this website. The basic question is "As Act 1 ends, who is in the right?" As you will see in the packet, the word "right" can be defined in many ways.
The great news is that if you really think about this question in the context of the entire act, you have just studied for the Act 1 Quote Quiz. You're welcome.
Read Act 2, Scene 1 for next class.