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District Releases Statement to Daily Record Regarding Franklin's School Closing Today

ROXBURY TWP., N.J. (February 20, 2014) -- Roxbury Public Schools issued a statement to the Daily Record this morning responding to a media request regarding roof concerns at Franklin School and today's school closing. 
Over the past several days, buildings and facilities personnel have been conducting site inspections of district's roofs. 
During this morning's inspection at Franklin School, district personnel identified that flexing of the roof had occurred in the overnight hours due to the weight of snow. The roof did not collapse. There was no fracturing or splintering in any of the beams - just natural bowing that will normally occur with timber under stress. 
District personnel contacted the district's architect and a structural engineer to evaluate the situation. 
As a precaution, the Superintendent determined to close Franklin School for the day at approximately 8:30 a.m. All Franklin students and staff were transported to the Lincoln-Roosevelt Auditorium. Franklin parents were notified by Honeywell alert to pick up their child from Lincoln-Roosevelt as soon as possible. 
The safety and security of our students is our primary concern. Although many students had been picked up by bus as officials became aware of the roof issue, children were never in any danger. A determination was made to close school for today prior to school being open to staff or students. 
Buildings and facilities personnel are clearing snow from the roof and further determinations from the district's architect and engineer are pending. 
It is most likely that Franklin students will have to make this day up, but the specific date will be determined at a later time.