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100+ Students Take Part in Roxbury’s K-6 Science & Engineering Fair


100+ Students Take Part in Roxbury’s K-6 Science & Engineering Fair


ROXBURY, NJ (April 7, 2017) – More than 100 students in grades K-6 participated last Saturday in Roxbury’s annual Science and Engineering Fair at Eisenhower Middle School. 

Each of the K-6 elementary schools was represented at the fair along with a few participants from Morris County Educare. Experiments encompassed every branch of science including many innovations in technology. 

The science team, administration, staff, and families were able to speak to our up and coming scientists from each school. Students were excited to share their results with the Roxbury community. 

“Our students are very innovative and clearly think out of the box. One experiment, in particular, was a fully functioning hand made of cardboard, string, and cut up straws. Imagine taking that design to a 3-D printer, the possibilities are endless,” shared Denise Glenn, Roxbury Science Supervisor for Grades 6-12. 

District students were excited to see their teachers and principals at the fair. Many visited their students to show support and to see the projects they created at home. Students were encouraged to bring their project boards to school on Monday to share with the rest of the school community. Teachers continuously supported and encouraged their students to participate in the fair. 

Chuck Seipp, Roxbury Schools Assistant Superintendent commented, “I was most impressed by the hard work of our students as they investigated the scientific principles taught in class and prepared a presentation that demonstrated their inquiry. The students were knowledgeable about their projects, proud of their work and confident in their presentations. I am grateful for their teachers and parents who cultivate a love of learning and am so very proud of how well organized the event was to showcase and celebrate our students’ efforts.” 

Another highlight of the fair this year was having the EMS STEM Lab led by Phil Moskowitz, the STEM teacher at the school and ROXBOTIX Jr. advisor. Students and parents alike explored the opportunities our seventh and eighth graders have available to them in the EMS STEM Lab. 

Moskowitz was joined by members of the ROXBOTIX Jr. and ROXBOTIX team from Roxbury High School. Both teams are part of the comprehensive robotics program offered at EMS and RHS. These programs take many students from the lower grades and prepare them for careers and college programs in the future. 

Glenn went on to say, “We currently have several students attending some of the top engineering colleges and universities in the nation.” 

“The Roxbury Science curriculum in grades K-12 encourages our students to ask questions, make predictions, offer up explanations, and explore the world we live in. This is particularly true of younger students where curiosity is endless and natural. Science happens and occurs around us every day and the fair provided for our students to explore and connect with their world,” explained Glenn. 

Student ambassadors from the RHS Key Club and mini-THON were on hand as well to assist with registration and to help wherever needed. A very special appearance by Roxbury’s very own mascot, the “Gael” was the highlight for many. He led the parade and appeared in many photos while listening to students present their projects. We are hoping he will make his own experiment for next year. 

Members of the mini-THON also sold snacks and water at the fair to raise money to help support the fight against pediatric cancer. The student ambassadors went around during the event collecting donations and explaining what THON is to increase awareness. 

Besides walking along the rows of student exhibits, participants and their families were also treated to special exhibits and information tables from the Roxbury Community School, the L/R Tech Club, Kujenga Robotics and Coding, Mad Science, Siemens, and the Boy Scouts Summer STEM Institute. 

Preparation is already under way for another great fair next year. Glenn shared, “You don’t need a degree in science to be a scientist. You only need the desire to learn and explore, clearly, our students in Roxbury have the passion and desire. We are committed to developing scientifically literate citizens to make informed decisions about their future.” 

“Preparation for a more scientifically and technologically complex world requires the best possible education. In a rapidly changing, increasingly technological world, all students need to understand science and technology. Building a strong foundation in science, technology, art, engineering, and mathematics places our children on the road to success in school and beyond. Using opportunities to explore science at home and in school are ways to develop lifelong skills. Remember, science isn’t just a subject, it’s a way of exploring the world.” 

PHOTOS ATTACHED (courtesy of Roxbury Township Public Schools)

- Students Playing with Robotics at the Kujenga Table

- Kelly Curtiss (PreK-5 Applied Sciences Supervisor), the Roxbury Gael Mascot, and Denise Glenn (6-12 Science Supervisor) at Science Fair

- Jayda Pettorossi (Franklin, Gr 4) shows the Sweet Science of Growing Rock Candy

- Tristano Coe (Frankin, Gr 4) Learns if Plants Can Grow Upside Down

- Jemima Sterikoff-Smith (Franklin, Gr 1) Learned if Astronomy Could Be Done Every Night

- Keegan Menadier (Franklin, Gr 2) Found Out What Liquid Made the Largest Gummy Bear

- Alexsa Mariano (Franklin, Gr 1) explains which color can beat the heat to Wyatt Glasser (Kennedy, Gr 3)

- Mia Scalamoni (Franklin, Gr 3) shares her results of the Cookie Challenge

- Colleen Feeney (Franklin, Gr 3) explains sounds and vibrations

- Marcell Szabo (Franklin, Gr 1) puts on a color organ light show for Denise Glenn and the Roxbury Gael

- Jaret Haupt (Franklin, Gr 1) explains what happens to magnets under different temperatures

- Matthew Schaefer (Franklin, Gr 1) creates different battling bristlebots to see which one comes out on top

- James Wilkes (Jefferson, Gr 1) explains how strong spaghetti is

- Kesheva Narayan (Jefferson, Gr 1) runs different tests on paper airplanes

- Julia Gartner (Jefferson, Gr 1) figured out the best time to pop popcorn

- Shaan Lakkad (Franklin, Gr 1) explained to the Roxbury Gael what makes a volcano erupt

- Alara Seckin (Morris Cty Educare, K) did a Dum-Dums taste test

- Carter Marcario (Morris Cty Educare, K) showed off how to make a volcano and what the top ten most active are

- Raahim Hassany (Jefferson, Gr 2) shows off a single fixed pulley system

- Xavier Fernandez (Jefferson, Gr 3) explains to the Roxbury Gael his Crystal Wonderland

- Xavier Fernandez (Jefferson, Gr 3) explains to the Roxbury Gael

- Kendall Clark (Jefferson, Gr 4) explains her Gummy Bear Osmosis test

- Katherine Gartner (Jefferson, Gr 4) shares her best popcorn times

- Alessandra DaSilva (Jefferson, Gr 3) creates a tracking mouse with sensors and motor shields

- Derek Gatto (Jefferson, Gr 2) explains the magic of paper

- Evalina Valdez (Jefferson, Gr 3) shows off her sponge houses

- Liliana Scaraggi (Kennedy, Gr 2) brings Invisible Ink back

- Beau Wawrin (Kennedy, Gr 2) asks if you are right or left brained

- Tamsin Wawrin (Kennedy, K) grows rock candy

- Michael Dante (Kennedy, K) shows what liquids make plants grow the best

- Nicholas Blenx (Kennedy, Gr 4) explains his project to Denise Glenn

- Cooper Schauble (Kennedy, K) on what liquid freezes the quickest

- Taylor Schauble (Kennedy, 3) explains blowing up a balloon with baking soda and vinegar

- Cadence Palen (Nixon, Gr 2) tests items to sink or swim

- Elizabeth Ricucci (Kennedy, Gr 3), Valentina Ambra (Kennedy, Gr 3), and Katie Rittger (Kennedy, Gr 3) explain their hamster maze

- Wyatt Glasser (Kennedy, Gr 3) explains a simple electric motor

- Anthony Fedorchak (Nixon, Gr 4)

- Julianna Uccello (Kennedy, Gr 3) explains to Denise Glenn about Crystal Candies

- Julianna Uccello (Kennedy, Gr 3) explains Crystal Candies

- Sarah Pisarczyk (Nixon, Gr 2) shows off her knowledge of fingerprint analysis

- Zahir Manning (Nixon, Gr 3) explains his different pulley systems

- Samantha Pizzuto (Nixon, Gr 4) shows how she made a hologram projector

- Catarina Matos-Kruck (L/R, Gr 5) explains the difference between baking powder and baking soda

- Ava Holguin (L/R, Gr 5) explains how Oobleck can be solid and a liquid

- Jenna Waldron (L/R, Gr 6) explains how to get the proper consistency of elephant toothpaste

- McKenna Stierch (L/R, Gr 5) talks erosion

- Allison Robertson (L/R, Gr 6) finds most of us aren’t stronger than air

- Diya Narayan (L/R, Gr 6) tested which way to cool down a drink the fastest

- Carly Curtiss (L/R, Gr 5) explains her project to other students and Chuck Seipp, assistant superintendent

- Charlotte Wilkes (L/R, Gr 6) tested whether dog drool could kill germs

- Aditya Mahalingam (L/R, Gr 5) found out which type of drinking water was the safest

- Eric Dolinoy (L/R, Gr 5) described multiple ways water worked under pressure

- Rebecca Borda (L/R, Gr 5) showed how adding salt to water makes eggs float

- Jake Doonan (L/R, Gr 5) creates exoskeleton hand

- Mad Science shows off different trebuchets

- Shawn Rasizer (L/R, Gr 5) creates a self-inflating balloon

- Leah Schlam (L/R, Gr 5) runs tests on splitting sweets

- Annika Szardenings (L/R, Gr 5) runs balloon times with yeast and baking soda

- Rachel Beck (L/R, Gr 5) describes why we hear music


- Siemens

- RHS mini-THON and the Gael talk about THON while raising money for pediatric cancer

- Kujenga

- Science Fair Parade

- Science Fair Group Photo

- Science Fair 


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