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Franklin School Practices Emergency Drills


Franklin School Practices Emergency Drills


ROXBURY, NJ (April 28, 2017) – Franklin Elementary School practiced its Evacuation and Reverse Evacuation Drill on Friday, April 28th. With the weather finally warming up, other district schools also carried out their monthly drills today. 

The Evacuation portion of the drill trains the students and staff to evacuate the building in a safe and orderly fashion to a safe location in approximately three minutes. Today’s evacuation at Franklin was done in two. 

Newly appointed principal, Lisa Ferrare with the assistance of Jim Simonetti, Roxbury’s Director of Security announced that a drill would be taking place. Each instruction was repeated twice for students and staff. Ferrare announced that all were to evacuate the building and for students to follow the instruction of their teacher. 

All filed out of the building quietly and lined up in single file lines on the side parking lot away from the building. 

Evacuations are deemed necessary if the outside of the building is safer than the inside of the building. For instance, in cases such as fire, explosion, intruder, hazardous material spill, etc. 

An example of when the evacuation drill is needed is something that many homeowners might face in Roxbury in the winter. If there is a heavy snow load on the roof and the building shows signs of being structurally compromised and we need to have the children exit quickly we would use the Evacuation Drill. 

Once all were quietly lined up Simonetti informed Franklin School that they would be performing a second drill called Reverse Evacuation. Ferrare announced the instructions for this drill. 

This drill is used when conditions are safer inside the building than outside such as severe weather, community emergency, police activity, hazardous materials released outside, etc. 

An example that hits closer to home is when an animal, like a bear wanders into the schoolyard and the children at recess would have to Reverse-Evacuate and then Shelter in Place until given the all clear. 

Drills like this along with Lockdown and Shelter in Place run monthly at each school throughout the district. These monthly drills are in addition to the monthly fire alarm drills. 

Simonetti commented on how these drills fall in line with the district’s safety goal, “It allows us to practice leaving the building as a group. The only other time we do this is during fire drills. If a teacher makes a decision that it is safer outside the building then behind his/her locked classroom door during an ALICE situation, they have practiced to move the children as a group.” 

The implementation of the ALICE procedures began earlier this school year. ALICE is an acronym for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. 

Ferrare also shared that “Drills offer the students and staff the opportunity to practice and become more familiar and comfortable with the procedures involved. A greater degree of comfort facilitates a smoother execution of those procedures in the event of a real evacuation or reverse evacuation situation.” 

Performing drills like this also allows for improvements to be made when seen. Today’s drill at Franklin provided additional talking points for the next round table discussion on security for the school. 

PHOTOS ATTACHED (courtesy of Roxbury Public Schools)

- Franklin Evacuates Single File

- Franklin Lines Up for Evacuation Drill

- Ferrare Addresses Franklin

- Simonetti Addresses Franklin

- Franklin Waits Quietly for Instruction

- Reverse Evacuation Drill 


For more information, contact: Roxbury Community School coordinator Ann Rhodes at or 973-584-7699.



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