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Roxbury Combines Efforts to Go Green in the Schools


Roxbury Combines Efforts to Go Green in the Schools

EMS Green Assembly brought to EMS by Roxbury Clean Communities  

ROXBURY, NJ (November 17, 2017) – Many may not be aware that this past Wednesday was National Recycling Day as Earth Day gets the majority of the attention on April 22nd. November 15th though was indeed National Recycling Day which millions of people across the country take part in. It is another day to raise awareness about recycling and purchasing recycled products. 

The majority of Roxbury students were not aware of the day but many were witnessing assemblies in their schools dedicated to the topic. Franklin, Jefferson, and Kennedy experienced an assembly with Bill Kerwood on reducing, reusing, and recycling, while Nixon will see it next Tuesday. 

Recycling is not just for the elementary schools as Eisenhower Middle School was treated to a morning assembly on Friday by Michele VanAllen on Kids Going Green all thanks to Roxbury’s Clean Communities, who funded these assemblies for Roxbury students. 

Roxbury’s Clean Communities program is a comprehensive litter abatement program serving New Jersey residents for over 25 years. Its basic mission is to reduce litter in public places, promote the volunteer cleanup of public lands and sustain a reduction in litter through education. 

As VanAllen stated numerous times throughout the presentation, “Earth Day should be every day!” Dealing with older students, VanAllen was able to give more scientific descriptions of why it is so important to recycle. She touched on greenhouse gases, carbon footprints, climate change, the atmosphere, and how doing small things add up to big change. 

VanAllen gave students easy tips on how they can make changes in school and at home. One tip was switching from incandescent lightbulbs to CFL or LEDs and recycling their old ones at Home Depot. Students saw this switch take place in their schools over the past year as the district did a lighting upgrade to LEDs to help save money and the environment. 

Other tips she mentioned dealt with clothing and shoes and how the three R’s can pertain to those as well. One item in particular she noted were shoes. She encouraged the students that if they no longer needed the shoes but they were in still good condition to donate them to someone in need like a thrift shop or social services. If they were too far-gone, she shared how Nike has a campaign that has collected over 32 million pairs of shoes since the 1990s called Nike Reuse-A-Shoe. The program collects old, worn-out athletic shoes for recycling along with pre-consumer shoe waste and transforms them into Nike Grind, a material used to create athletic and playground surfaces and more.

Michele VanAllen and Kellie Ann Keyes According to Kellie Ann Keyes, Roxbury’s Clean Communities Coordinator, “VanAllen didn’t mention it in this assembly but has in others that H&M clothing stores also collects and recycles clothing.” H&M’s initiative began in 2013 worldwide. Their campaign allows you to drop off unwanted garments, no matter what brand or condition at any of their stores across the globe. 

H&M also believes in the three R’s. For clothes that can be re-worn, they are sold as second-hand clothes. For old clothes and textiles, they can be reused into other products such as cleaning cloths and everything else is recycled and turned into textile fibers and used in things like insulation. 

VanAllen was impressed by the efforts EMS has begun in recycling at the school but noted that much more can be done. 

At the end of the presentation Elizabeth Omegna, EMS Assistant Principal pointed out a few things EMS is doing like composting their lunch scraps, building a greenhouse to grow a garden to be more sustainable, and the new water bottle filling stations. 

Roxbury Schools have been working for the past few years on earning Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification at each building and at the district level. 

As part of that process, the district has been working with Keyes and Chris Vidal from the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority to assess where our schools are in the process. Beginning at the elementary schools, Keyes and Vidal have been conducting building audits which Joe Mondanaro, the district Assistant Business Administrator and Sustainable Jersey for Schools liaison for Roxbury, joined them at Franklin School on Friday afternoon. 

The purpose, to see how the schools are recycling and what receptacles are being used. All of these efforts will be a culmination of points for Sustainable Jersey for Schools but will also assist Roxbury in learning how to be more green and to decrease our carbon footprint. 

As VanAllen stated the students, “You will grow up to inherit this planet and small things you do can add up to big changes.”


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For more information, contact: Roxbury Community School/Community Relations Coordinator Ann Rhodes at or 973-584-7699.



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