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Roxbury Seniors Honored at Awards Ceremony


Roxbury Seniors Honored at Awards Ceremony 

Principal Miller with Salutatorian Robert Rust and Valedictorian Carrie Luan

ROXBURY, NJ (June 14, 2019) – The Roxbury High School Annual Senior Awards Ceremony was held on June 12th in the high school auditorium. More than 120 seniors from the Class of 2019 were invited to attend the program where they were recognized for academic achievement, college scholarships and numerous scholarships offered by both local and national organizations. 

Seniors Sing the Star-Spangled Banner  The program opened with the singing of the national anthem by seniors Austin Kurbansade, Ian Hachey, Emily Miller, and Jacob Wood. 

Dr Chuck Seipp Gives Opening Remarks Following were opening remarks by Dr. Charles Seipp, Roxbury’s Assistant Superintendent. After quoting part of President Theodore Roosevelt’s speech, “The Man in the Arena”, that talked about success and failure he said, “So then, the questions need to be asked…what have you learned during your time here at Roxbury High School? What were your triumphs? What were your failures? Which of those two contributed the most to the young adult you have become and are continuing to become. When before has society ever so bravely considered celebrating failures? Hopefully, you consider looking back on your failures as fondly as your successes, as strange as that may sound…perhaps even with greater reverence and gratitude.” 

Adding, “Hopefully, through all of your experiences regardless of perceived or actual success, you have learned to embrace love, passion, curiosity, honesty, collaboration, creativity, reflection, kindness, and vulnerability. So embrace this moment and all those to come because as your experiences accumulate your ownership over your future will become more and more vivid. Enjoy every moment of your expanding life story with all of the lessons learned including those that never were assigned a grade.” 

Seipp applauded the students for their hard work and accomplishments and closed with, “As you embrace all that is yet to come with all that you have learned…be altruistic, demonstrate empathy, set goals, be mindful, recognize that greatness resides in the journey not the destination, and perhaps, most important of all…embrace the idea that the most amazing part of future success is inherently present within current struggles and stumbles and oh yes, try to smile through it all, something as a simple as a smile makes a huge difference.”

The presentation of scholarships and awards continued followed by the presentation of the Renaissance Scholars. These awards were given to high school seniors who earned a 3.75 GPA yearly for four years of high school. Each of these seventy students was recognized and presented with a Renaissance medal that they can wear at graduation. 

All the seniors recognized for their achievements including scholarships, awards, and Renaissance Scholars included Aniete Akpan, Nicholas Albuquerque, Regianna Alea, Michelle Alvarado, Talia Atanasio, Marc Bain, Cassie Batta, Viviana Battista, Matthew Becker, Brianna Belar, Brendan Berman, Carla Blandura, Jeffrey Brodhecker, Kayla Bouvier, Alec Burns, Joseph Busa, Christopher Caccavella, Gianna Caggiano, Emily Cimins, Kayla Clevenger, Luis Cordova, Christina Crowder, Caitlin Crowley, Joseph Cudia, Austin Cummis, Shane Cummis, Brian Dachowksi, Vanessa Dash, Skyler DeKler, Rachel DePaola, Tyler DePree, Iley DiBlasi, Douglas DiDomenico, Michael DiLizia, Ryan DiTrolio, Bridget Doherty, Matthew Ehrenberg, Nataline Elmasri, Kayla Eng, Alexa Falco, Devon Forester, Thomas Gatto, Grace Gentle, Cole Gibson, Bryan Gonzalez, Courtney Graf, Jonathan Grenot, Samantha Griego, Berenice Gutierrez, Ian Hachey, Brian Haegele, Erin Hawley, Melissa Hughes, Faith Jacobus, Daniel Kelly, Marisa Kest, Madison Knowlton, Elizabeth Knudson, John Knudson, Geena Kobylarz, Michael Kovach, Austin Kurbansade, Edward LaRosa, Michael Lang, Christopher Lange, Carrie Luan, Erin Luby, Andrew Marino, Tyler Marston, Emma McDonald, Matthew McGlynn, Katherine McGowan, Caitlin Menor, Christopher Merring, Giorgio Thamrin recites the Soliders Creed Emily Metje, Nicole Miklinski, Emily Miller, Thomas Montesano, Zachary Morris, Jennifer Motzer, Omar Mougharbel, Michal Ners, Riley O’Connor, Valentina Osorio, Joseph Otto, Kyle Pasinosky, Elizabeth Poissant, Breanna Pooran, Samantha Pooran, Brenna Poskitt, Jessica Quintana, Steven Randazzo, Katherine Rawlinson, Samuel Remetz, Jeffrey Roberts, Hannah Rohn, Naria Rush, Robert Rust, Christopher Scire, Jenna Segrave, Juan Serna, Anthony Shafron, Ryan Shumaker, Eric Silfies, Adrianna Smith, Madison Solano, Michael Stanzilis, Flora Stein, Aidan Straut, Brianna Suarez, Paolo Teodorescu, Giorgio Thamrin, Julia Trevorrow, Luke Tricarico, Lauren Van Horne, Michelle Vanadia, Andrew Velasquez, Emily Verbeke, Rebecca Weng, Kaitlyn Winters, Jacob Wood, Jessica Wood, and Ashley Yau. 

A special part of the program came when Sgt. Antwaun Turner from the Marines and Sgt. Matthew Folk from the Army presented seven students with the Patriot Award as they will be entering the military following graduation. They were Luis Cordova, Christopher Merring, Steven Randazzo who will be headed to the Marines. Bryan Gonzalez will be headed to the Air Force while Tyler DePree, Luke Tricarico, and Giorgio Thamrin will enter the Army. 

As Sgt. Folk was presenting the Army students, he kept Giorgio Thamrin up a little longer so by the request of Thamrin he could recite the Soldier’s Creed for everyone. A standing ovation followed for the young men headed to the service. 

RHS Principal Dominick Miller also presented the Valedictorian and Salutatorian medals to Carrie Luan and Robert Rust. 

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