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Design and Creativity for Fifth Graders at LRS with STEAM Activities


Design and Creativity for Fifth Graders at LRS with STEAM Activities

Rubber Band Cars STEAM Activity at LRS

ROXBURY, NJ (June 28, 2019) – Fifth graders at Lincoln/Roosevelt School participated in an Engineering Design Challenge over two-day in June. 

The PreK-5 Applied Sciences Supervisor Jillian Lutz explained, “The fifth-grade science standards are taught using FOSS which provides students structured hands-on learning experiences allowing them to participate in the science and engineering practices alongside science concepts. In order to best help bridge the gap between grades 3-5 Engineering Design expectations and grades 6-8 Engineering Design expectations, fifth graders participated in two days of STEAM activities.” 

Lutz organized ten different engineering-based challenges in which collaborative groups spent time working on over the course of two days. All of the challenges were facilitated by a classroom teacher and presented students with tasks in which students were asked: design and carry out/construct a plan/model, test their models, problem solve and resign if necessary, and test again. 

Lutz added, “Each student was excited to participate and willing to take risks, be creative, persevere, and work collaborative. This two-day engineering exploration was a huge success!” 

Fifth grade teacher Tiffany North echoed Lutz stating, “The students were all willing to contribute and participate to reach a common goal. When things didn’t work the first time, they had to persevere and problem solve. It was great to see them welcome this challenge. It was exciting for everyone! It was exciting even for us (teachers) to watch the students engage in these activities and it was exciting for them to watch each other build, test, and redesign models different from theirs.” 

When students were asked about participating in these STEAM activities these were just some of their responses: 

“They were fun and a good way to get creative and learn more about engineering.” 

“I enjoyed the chance to work with other teachers and the ability to work with new people.” 

“This was a change to get away from normal school and learn while having fun and being creative.” 

“I really liked not being told exactly what to do and being able to freely work to figure things out.” 

PHOTOS ATTACHED (courtesy of Lincoln/Roosevelt School)


For more information, contact: Roxbury Community School coordinator Ann Rhodes at or 973-584-7699.



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