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Parents Go to Kindergarten at Franklin School


Parents Go to Kindergarten at Franklin School

Mrs O’Krepky in morning meeting with her students

ROXBURY, NJ (December 6, 2019) – Parents and some special friends went back to school Wednesday morning for a special presentation in Karen O’Krepky’s Kindergarten class. Twenty-four parents and friends came to see all that goes on in an every day Kindergarten class condensed to about 30 minutes. 

“The purpose of the day was to share with parents what we do in Kindergarten and for the students to get used to sharing in front of people all of the wonderful things they do and be comfortable doing so,” shared O’Krepky. 

Students sing and dance to their sight words The special guests listened to Mrs. O’Krepky as she went through a few of the Kindergarten basics before going over to work with the 16 students who were quietly and patiently waiting for her. 

The students showed how they lead in the flag salute each morning along with singing the National Anthem. They shared how they cover the days of the week, the calendar, number counting, and most importantly, the class rules. 

They even showed how they get to move and shake while learning to say and spell their sight words or when they celebrate when a friend loses a tooth (even though only one friend has lost a tooth so far since school started). 

“Today was important for parents to have a real perspective of what we do in Kindergarten and how many things their children are learning. It’s a moment to see their growth from day one until now.” 

By having these special visitors, students are learning to get comfortable with having guests in the room and sharing their work with others. “This will be a continuing growing skill the students will need for the future,” shared O’Krepky. 

Students prepared for this special day during themed-units that included focusing on skills and character-building exercises. 

Mrs. O’Krepky explained to the parents how students wrote letters and made cards for Veterans and thanked them for keeping us safe. “Some students wanted to take their cards home because they were so proud of the work they had done but they knew that they couldn’t because they had to send them to the veterans to say thank you.” 

Students share their gifts with special guests One student chimed in saying, “Even though we had to give those away, we can make more at home.” 

Another important lesson these little ones are learning which was important to share was that of how one person can make a difference. Mrs. O’Krepky shared with her students as well as the special guests the story of the Starfish and the little boy who kept throwing them back in the ocean after an adult said it wouldn’t make a difference as there were too many. The little boy threw another one back and said, “It made a difference to that one.” 

“Remembering one person, no matter how big or small, can make a difference,” reiterated Mrs. O’Krepky. 

Sharing and being thankful are continuous themes worked on throughout the year in Kindergarten. With that, each of the students made special gifts for their families which included handprints (our hands can help even in Kindergarten), a painted heart (our hearts are thankful), a colored starfish (that one person can make a difference), and a self-portrait of their moms and dads with questions answered about the parents. 

Mrs. O’Krepky also had a final gift for both the parents and students which was a video of special pictures taken so far this year that families can look back on with special memories. 

Having the parents and special guests visit is important in helping bridge the gap between home and school. “As the teacher, it helps connect more with parents and students and having that open communication and to showcase all the singing and learning through the fun we’re having in Kindergarten.” 

“The students openly and more naturally share what they do in school and the parents get to feel more apart of their day. Making the Kindergarten families feel more welcome, that their child is learning, in a fun safe environment. Any opportunity to have parents come in and be a part of the school is a way to keep communication open and have the school a more welcoming place.” 

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