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Roxbury Schools Benefitting from New SDF Program


Roxbury Schools Benefitting from New SDF Program

 SDF Crew at LRS on one of their finished benches

ROXBURY, NJ (December 19, 2019) – New this year to Roxbury High School is a Structural Design and Fabrication course that covers a wide variety of topics including construction, carpentry, architecture, and design. Students are putting their knowledge and skills to work here at home in Roxbury. 

SDF Works Together to Build Boardwalk Over the past few months, SDF students were tasked with transforming an unusable courtyard at Lincoln/Roosevelt School into an instructional space for elementary school students and teachers to use during the school day. This transformation included planning, building, and assembling a boardwalk in the outdoor space. 

“The new boardwalk was built so that everyone can use the outdoor courtyard at LRS. The SDF class designed the boardwalk/platform to be ADA compliant. This area is a hidden gem that wasn’t really being utilized,” shared Denise Glenn, Roxbury’s Science Supervisor for Grades 6-12.

Glenn presented the project to the SDF crew and it was decided that it was something they wanted to do. 

“Many of them attended Lincoln/Roosevelt and were excited to give back to the Roxbury School District community,” said SDF Teacher Frank Caccavale. 

It took students about two months to go from planning, to building a model, to fabricating, and finally assembling the boardwalk at the school. 

“They were given an opportunity to utilize all of the skills they’ve learned in the course thus far. Students had to make a plan for what it would look like and present their ideas to Ms. Glenn and Mr. Argenziano for approval and input and then develop the steps they would take to fabricate the boardwalk. Students practiced safe tool use, had to be knowledgeable of the materials they were using, and work as a team to complete this project.” 

Prep Area in the LRS Courtyard “SDF students were given the measurements and designed and built a boardwalk for them to utilize. SDF students had to develop what the final project would look like and also how they would build it in pieces in the SDF lab at RHS. Students had to be precise with measurements and labeling to ensure everything would fit together when assembled at Lincoln/Roosevelt,” said Caccavale. 

“By building and installing the boardwalk our students and staff now have an outdoor classroom that is accessible to all. Classes will be able to go outside and enjoy fresh air, do projects, labs, or just enjoy reading a good book,” explained Glenn. 

LRS Principal Chris Argenziano was so impressed with the students’ interest level, work ethic, and attention to detail that he asked them to build planters and flower beds that will also go in this space. Students will begin drawing up plans over the next few months for this aspect of the project. 

Glenn added, “Eventually “Our Secret Garden” will have planters filled with a variety of plants. This project really builds upon our wellness and sustainability initiatives. Down the road, we hope to add a Koi pond and add a rain barrel. Not only do students benefit from being outside in “Our Secret Garden”, but it is also beautiful to look at from the inside. For years, students and staff have looked at this space filled with stones, a few tables, and the brick wall, which is not very appealing or welcoming. Now we have an area that will be warm and inviting for all. Just watching the seasons change will be special.” 

“Any class may use the area during the school day as well as any content area but my favorite part about the project to date is that it was designed by high schoolers for the LRS students and staff. Many of the young men involved in this project are former students of LRS. They are very invested in giving back to a place that is very special to them. Whether you want a place of quiet reflection, an area to learn, explore, or just breathe some fresh air, our secret garden is an oasis within our schools,” shared Glenn. 

Members of the SDF program involved in this build day include seniors David Cambiotti, Andrew Cangiano, Juan Espinosa, Brody Hageneder, Rowan Luppnow, Adam Reingold, and Michael Shackley along with SDF Teacher Frank Caccavale. 

Follow Roxbury High School’s first year of SDF highlighting the design and building of each project and student growth as a result of this new and exciting learning opportunity at

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For more information, contact: Roxbury Community School/Community Relations Coordinator Ann Rhodes at or 973-584-7699. 


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