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Jefferson School Creates Kindness Posters for World Down Syndrome Day


Jefferson School Creates Kindness Posters for World Down Syndrome Day

Kiley Czech creates Kindness poster

ROXBURY, NJ (March 20, 2020) – Even though Roxbury Schools are physically not in session, they are still continuing their caring approach to learning. Yesterday, Jefferson Principal Melissa Cosgrove asked her students to create Kindness posters in recognition of World Down Syndrome Day which takes place Saturday, March 21st. 

Savannah and Haley Valenzuela sporting blue and yellow Similar to a spirit day in school, the Jefferson School community was encouraged to wear blue and yellow on Friday and post pictures and make kindness posters to raise awareness of the coming day. 

Students submitted their kindness posters via the school’s Facebook page and via email to Principal Cosgrove and teachers. Principal Cosgrove shared a few Friday morning during her Flexible Instruction Day morning announcements. 

Mary Kautzmann Kindness poster  First-grader Mary Kautzmann, first-grader Haley Valenzuela and big sister Savannah, and fourth-grader Kiley Czech all received shout outs during the morning announcement along with second-grader Emily Loeb who created a Google Slides presentation on Kindness. 

During today’s morning announcement, School Counselor Christine Gonzalez shared information regarding World Down Syndrome Day saying, “Here is a fact about Down syndrome and why World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on March 21st: World Down Syndrome Day is a day dedicated to all individuals with Down syndrome. Trisomy 21 is the clinical way of saying Down syndrome, which is the third copy of the 21st chromosome. In a person without Down syndrome, there are 46 chromosomes in the human body. Individuals with Down syndrome have an extra chromosome, they have 47.” 

Adding, “Chromosomes determine everything about us, our hair color, our eye color, facial features, our muscle strength, and Down syndrome is not contagious. It is something you are born with. Kids with Down syndrome like to be very independent. Kids with Down syndrome can pretty much do everything everyone else can do. Kids with Down syndrome want to be accepted. They make really loyal friends and they want to be treated like everyone else.” 

Throughout the day, Gonzalez continued to share Down syndrome facts with the Jefferson Koala community. 

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For more information, contact: Roxbury Community School/Community Relations Coordinator Ann Rhodes at or 973-584-7699. 


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