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‘Military Signing Day’ at Roxbury Honor Seven Seniors


‘Military Signing Day’ at Roxbury Honor Seven Seniors 

Roxbury HS Class of 2019 Military Students

ROXBURY, NJ (June 14, 2019) – The Roxbury Gaels continued its tradition of honor and excellence Wednesday morning as seven seniors were recognized for their enlistment into the military. 

Roxbury High School held a Military Signing Day that celebrated seniors Luis Cordova, Christopher Merring, and Steven Randazzo’s enlistment into the Marines with Tyler DePree, Georgio Thamrin, and Luke Tricarico’s enlistment into the Army along with Bryan Gonzalez’s decision to join the Air Force. 

Unfortunately, Luis Cordova was unable to attend the recognition. The other six though had their signing with friends, family, and guidance counselors present. 

RHS Principal Dominick Miller who helped organize the recognition shared, “We are proud to have seven students commit to serve our community and country. Their dedication to our school and country will be well represented as they serve and protect our way of life.” 

This is the first Military Signing Day at Roxbury High School in quite some time with the hopes of making it an annual tradition. 

“It is important to recognize our students joining the military because it is a selfless act. These students have committed to protecting our country and way of life. They are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that future generations experience the same freedoms we are afforded,” said Miller. 

Adding, “As a former Marine, I am grateful to our students that have enlisted in the armed forces. I feel a great sense of pride, humility, and fidelity to these students. I hear people complain about this generation of students, these young men contradict that complaint. They are selfless, compassionate, caring, and willing to protect the rights of all Americans.” 

Congratulations Gaels and we thank you for your service! 

Click here to view a slideshow of all of the photos from this day.


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