December 16, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians:

As always, student and staff safety is of paramount importance. Today, the district was made aware of nationwide posts on Tik Tok and other social media platforms that centered on threats of school violence tomorrow, December 17th.  These posts did not originate in New Jersey and no direct threats have been made to schools in our area or in New Jersey in general.  This communication is shared as information only. It is important to recognize that the purpose of  nationwide posts, such as this, is to heighten anxiety and create disruption.

While there is no viable intelligence to support this as a legitimate threat, the Roxbury Township Police Department has been advised of the situation and continues to work with the district to take appropriate action. Although these posts are considered a “hoax”, parents are encouraged to be aware of the social media that their child(ren) may view and should discuss the importance of reporting any threats or other unsettling posts to school officials, trusted adults or law enforcement.   

We appreciate your vigilance and cooperation in ensuring everyone’s safety. 

Yours in Education,

Loretta L. Radulic, Ed. D. 

Superintendent of Schools