music message

A message from our music department:
With the reopening of Phase II, we are excited to announce that 6th grade elective music groups - band, chorus, and orchestra - will soon be meeting in person!  Currently we are able to offer small group lessons on each instrument, and smaller rehearsal sections of chorus, all maximizing social distancing and enhanced safety protocols.  Right now schedules are being created, and we will be starting in-person classes after Thanksgiving.  If you/your child is not currently participating, but has an interest in making music in person, NOW is the time to let us know.
We are happy to discuss questions, concerns, or possible instrument switches per student interest.
Current Students: no need to do anything!  Teachers will be posting schedules to Google Classroom before Thanksgiving break.  
All Others Interested: Please contact a music teacher to get started!
Chorus: Mrs. Katz
Orchestra: Mr. Goodwin